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Date: October 1, 2022

9 thoughts on “LisaHoffman on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. First thing, why is your dad working against you?

    Second, he's gaslighting you. You've made clear what you want to know, and he now pretends he didn't know as if you didn't tell him. Never mind it's your car, you have every right to know when you'll have use of it again.

  2. just leave. the bumble alone would’ve been enough for me. “we didn’t have a conversation about deleting them” when you say you’re exclusive with someone, usually that’s a given?? now she’s giving any guy a chance (as you’ve seen). run now.

  3. I dunno. It could be nothing. Maybe she freaked out that you would be angry they even spoke. You sound pretty reasonable and understandable but people always don’t react the best. It doesn’t sound like she is talking to him much or that it is significant.

  4. “Tell her you don’t appreciate the way she’s treating you as a partner when all you’re doing is showing concern”

    That sounds like a horrible way to start the conversation, comes off as accusatory

  5. Hey, Thank you for your kind response.

    Based on multiple replies, I still feel a bit discouraged about reaching out to her since she specifically asked for some time, although I do remember saying “I'd appreciate it if you do not put me in too long of a silence” and she said “No, I won't.”

    I am going to give her more time and look back on whether I should reach out to her or not the next time I really feel like it is taking a toll.

    For now, I will keep working on my own issues and pray to hear back soon. Thanks again!

  6. What consequences are there for you if he is alone and not around other people and doesn’t shower?

    Neither of you should really care what the other does with showering when you aren’t around each other.

    You are making something of nothing.

  7. Uh, it is a VERY common boundary. Nobody's welcome to take food off my plate without asking or me offering.

  8. Being black out drunk brought out horrible behavior for her. Idk how she is normally but if you're going to stay I would take this day as a sign to step back emotional from her and truly see how she treats you without making excuses for her.

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