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Date: October 3, 2022

11 thoughts on “Liquidfirexxx on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Doesn’t sound like this relationship is tenable with him so depressed he can’t find work or a place to on-line. It’s not your fault and you shouldn’t feel guilty, you aren’t his parent.

    Since he cannot afford therapy, which is what I might recommend for a wealthy person in his situation, he needs to get a job. Tell him that you really care about him, but he needs to get a job and start making money now. He needs to do it with his own motivation.

  2. I can handle it (at least for now) but like if I'm taking my kid to gymnastics and I don't want to tote his drunk butt along for the ride I'd rather be able to say nah you just stay home.. but I'm a people pleaser and don't have a good grasp on whether that's me being reasonable or a bitch lol

  3. The list isn't necessarily an awful thing, I did it as a late teen/early twenties woman but stopped as I mentally matured and also didn't need it for anything ? Yey, ND brain.

    The rest? Absolutely vile. He's trying to show you when you don't want to see. Gross. He brags about disgusting things. Moron. He brings up the past then tells you to leave it because it's in the past? He's looking for a bite.

    He's either grossly insecure and needing you to feel jealous to feel better or he's grossly egotistical and wants you to feel jealous. Neither are okay.

  4. You people are sick, heartless bustards. He disclosed everything to her prior to marriage, and you slam it for being open and honest.

    Is it his fault he has a hideous disease? No.

    The end point is she has found it harder than she thought. She married him in sickness and in health. She is the one who is selfish and thinking of herself.

  5. Bud, why have / are you abusing yourself like this? You want to accept it? Then move on and live the rest of your life. Start a new chapter in your life. It was a good run but over.

  6. Just leave her my dude. She clearly cheated and chose to want the other guy around. It’s time to leave!!

  7. He's self-employed but… laid himself off twice? How does that work?

    The passport thing has nothing to do with being a saver. It sounds like him being 'laid back' actual equates to him being lazy and not caring. He doesn't want what you want. You already know that. If you want to date someone who more closely matches your goals, you'll have to date someone different.

  8. I fully agree with the ease of getting it done. But that's not the point. Using that report it for any kind of (legal) action is playing with fire. That said, there's nothing preventing you from sharing the results with your father, informally. He should get competent legal advice before acting and let his counsel advise him how to proceed.

    But your mother is aware, and will likely be alert to any changes in either of your behavior.

    It's a hot situation that you find yourself in and I wish you the best of luck. But luck comes from being prepared, so plan accordingly.

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