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Date: September 23, 2022

24 thoughts on “linda

  1. I was in a relationship for almost 4 years before him. (u could say he was a high school sweetheart) we broke it off because I was cheated on. I quickly moved on just for that reason Alone. even tho I loved him deeply. I’ve been friends with my most recent ex for quite some time before seeing him romantically. So we started going out 4 months after that relationship. I feel that this relationship failed because of me. and I think that’s why I want him back so badly. Because I know with time I can be different.

  2. Leave. I actually gave an ultimatum. He proposed. No regrets because I have children that are everything. But. We’re divorced. Do you really want someone who you need to nudge into a marriage? You are young. Don’t waste any more time on a relationship that has stalled. You want someone that wants you and can’t imagine life without you. It’s not him. 6 years.

  3. go to a clinic if you can. explain your situation, they tend to work with people from many economic standings and are often more than willing to help you work something out!

    don't be afraid or embarrassed, you did nothing wrong and are not alone

  4. As I do agree with you I feel like many times she says things that she knows will intentionally upset me so then she can say see look you’re angry. The abuse comment is exactly that. Intentionally trying to upset me and then pointing your finger saying look your upset nothing you say is valid seems pretty unfair.

  5. Oh hell no, I'd be putting my foot down hot. If you can't break up/dump him right away – next weekend rolls around you contact the BM and tell her she needs to come pick up her daughter because you told your BF you were not available to care for her. Tell her how long he's been dumping his parenting time onto you. Undoubtedly, they will both freak out and there will be a massive shitstorm. Dude's had it coming. Use the wave to both boot him out and dump him.

  6. It’s your choice to stay with someone still so hung up on their ex/es but the longer you stay, the more you will lose yourself. Also don’t take this the wrong way but a 25 year old man has no business being with a 20 year old girl. You will understand this concept better a couple years later but the grooming and manipulation is doing more harm than you realize now.

  7. I definitely have told myself what you said… I'm not going to be able to change him, no one else could and I certainly can't. And I know he won't do it for me. He does sometimes take three or four days off from drinking. He thinks that is enough to give his liver a break and he thinks the fact that he can take a few days off means he is not an alcoholic. The days he takes off are great days. Most days I have spent with him he doesn't even remember large parts of our conversations. I am supposed to meet his parents in March. It's super important to him. I feel terrible to break it off before that. His friends and family have all been so happy that he has found someone. He is so sweet to me. But I'm very unhappy now. Lonely and feeling rejected. And feeling sorry for him.

  8. If I were you, I would end it.

    Yes, she didn’t technically cheat on you, but in my opinion, when talking about committed relationships, who cares about technicalities? You two just have very different outlooks on relationships.

    If I were in your position, I would think that she’s just sleeping around, playing the field (which is her right), until she decides, “hey, this guy will do” and decides to commit to you. If she had strong feelings for you, she wouldn’t be sleeping with other guys, like you weren’t sleeping with other girls because you had feelings for her.

    You made the right decision to not pressuring her into exclusivity when she was very noncommittal. You want her to want to be in a relationship with you, not just give in to your desire to be in a relationship with her.

    Combine all this with the fact that this other guy is still going to be hanging around her and she refuses to set any kind of boundaries would be the nail in the coffin for me. She can say she understands your feelings, but honestly, talk is cheap.

    Leave her and take this as a learning experience to let girls know early on how you operate. If they’re not willing to show their commitment leading up to a potential relationship, then a relationship with them isn’t worth it.

  9. Never said it was happening, but if you’re in a new relationship it is an important thing to consider and keep in the back of your mind just in case

  10. Sorry… but being in 'talking stages and not wanting to label things' is not a SO.

    You've been seeing this guy for 6 months. Don't you think its time to start adding some direction to it?

    If you're 6 months deep and feel like you have your own personal things to work on… you shouldn't even be dating. Regardless of who you're seeing… if you're on the dating scene, you should be able to pull the trigger of relationship status after 6 months.

    Are you even ready to date? If not, then what are you doing? How are things this complicated after 6 months…

    I feel like you have more than that conversation to start paying attention to.

  11. Really? I'm a guy and I'd never to that it feels wrong but I guess I'm not the average guy

    But back to your problem did you start feeling anything towards the stripper? I couldn't understand if u did or not

  12. Red flag one: 6 months in and you have a relationship with her kid? Talk about moving in together? I don’t think I’d introduce my kid until at least 6 months of things going super well.

    Red flag two: into conspiracies. If you don’t share that view, run away.

    Being with someone (especially one with a kid) just because you don’t want to be lonely is never a good plan. Try to find someone you fully enjoy being with, and not just because you would rather not be alone.

  13. What you described is not a man who is perfect in every way and who loves you. You just described a selfish asshole who uses your mouth to masturbate in everyday. You are the living fleshlight he feel entitled to every single day regardless if you are in pain and are in the mood. This is not the behaviour of a man who loves, cares and respects you. This is the behaviour of a self absorbed, selfish asshole who only cares about his dick. Why would someone this selfish and entitled who has little respect for you be someone you think is perfect in every way? You have a rotten boyfriend problem. You don’t have to stay with someone who uses you to masturbate in daily.

  14. >but my failed advances hit my insecurities and leave me horny and slightly depressed. We have very open communication and are doing well in pretty much every other part of our relationship

    These two sentences don't match. If you're making advances at him, and he doesn't know you're making advances (“they failed”), then I don't know if you're communicating it with him correctly.

    >I often try impromptu blow jobs that sometimes work and sometimes just seem to bore him.

    Kink friendly doesn't mean enjoying ALL types of sex acts. For example, I'm kink friendly, but I hate receiving oral sex, and I never met a woman before who actually made it feel good.

    >or if there’s anything I can do to more successfully encourage more sex.

    Do you two actually communicate? Does he actually like you? Why is he even dating you?

  15. Oh my sweet summer child, you are the side piece. After reading your edits, it’s pretty obvious. Think about these facts, his family still thinks he’s with her and doesn’t know you exist, she doesn’t know you exist, and he lied to you the first couple months of the relationship when you were “friends.” I bet it was friends with benefits, wasn’t it? With the way you are you speaking about emotional investment, I’m 99% sure of this. His talk about having to be nice to her so that she doesn’t make selling his property difficult is a complete bunch of bullshit. He’s trying to have his cake and eat it too.

  16. Ehhhh, I’d honestly just leave it. They need to focus on wedding planning, not drama. What’s done is done. You really didn’t say anything wrong nor rude. It just sounds like he doesn’t want to be held accountable for his actions.

    If he does show up, both of you just need to do your very best to not make the day about you.

  17. I'm sorry I really am but I can't offer any advice if you don't want to leave, there is no way to do this and I see no point in confronting him when you're not ready to leave, I mean even if you were ready I would recommend you say nothing and just cut contact

  18. I didn't expect to be on your side after reading the title, but I completely feel for you. You raised these children since they were 5 and 7, and they feel so strongly against you that I would prioritise your mental health if I were you. I also would have expected more support from your wife, I would re-evaluate the relationship if I were you.

  19. Isn’t anyone else concerned by the fact that she held on to these things? I’d be really upset about that if it were my partner

  20. I read your comments. What did he say when you got back? Judging from his hanging up on you he’s probably having a tantrum because you weren’t sitting there at the door all day waiting for him like a dog. Either way you should pack your stuff and leave.

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