Linda on-line sex chats for YOU!



Date: September 25, 2022

9 thoughts on “Linda on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. So…you think because she’s beautiful, intelligent and knows what she wants, she’s “too pretty” ???

    It seems like you’re threatened by the idea of her finding someone better.

    I have a feeling you’re not being honest w yourself in that, YOU may not be good enough for HER and the conversations you two have had maybe didn’t on-line up to HER idea of a good match. Also, she can update her profile picture whenever tf she wants?? If she told you she was going to a party in ___ town, and she updated her status to being in ___ town, why is that a problem?

    Seems like she saw too many ??and knows her worth and that’s not ok?? Get over yourself bro.

  2. I don’t want a tit for tat service at all, though. I’m not counting pennies. I did what I did from the heart.‘I don’t regret taking her out. But to expect me to spend another 70 to see her when I’ve spent so much more seems a bit too high of an expectation, especially when she wouldn’t come to me and thus spend the money to see me.

  3. Thank you, I really appreciate your input! It's nice to know there are men that feel this way about it. In my environment it seems like even the most empathetic people still have toxic ideologies on the matter. I chalk it down to society and upbringing but nonetheless, it makes me lose hope sometimes. And that's not because I'm some perfect person myself! It's just baffling haha

  4. I think it sounds healthy that she told you her boundaries.

    Are you honest about yours? Letting your ex come by and play with the dog once a week is that really within your boundaries or are you avoiding something?

  5. Is she failing to pay her half of the rent / bills? If so then I would definitely say there's a serious problem. However, if she's covering her part, and just blowing all her extra income on other shit then you don't really have any right to be angry honestly. It's her money that she earned, she can do whatever she wants with it. Just because you disagree with her spending habits doesn't mean you have the right to control them.

    Also you shouldn't be relying on your wife not spending money on food and weed to improve your living situation lol. You should be investing or looking for a better paying job / starting a side hustle to make a real difference.

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