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Date: September 28, 2022

22 thoughts on “Linda de la Vega on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Make the effort and have sex with her.

    I think OP can do, or not do, whatever they want. Coercion isn't consent.

    Stop telling people to have sex they don't want to have.

  2. What I meant by the 2nd part is that

    Keeping a relationships isn't a walk in the park. I feel like I might mess something up. Like I'm not really emotionally mature. I don't want to add another problem when I'm already struggling with my own issues, family issues etc.

  3. Time for divorce papers. Maybe even serve them with a card that says, “Good luck on your new life together with Jody.”

  4. Is he like this about other things? Is any of this new behavior? It’s very concerning. I think you’re right to leave him.

  5. Run, do not walk, away. He’s trying to baby trap you, it’s no joke, he already tried once and will do it again. After just two months no less. He’s nuts, and doesn’t respect your autonomy or care about consent. Go no contact, and whatever you do, do NOT have sex with him again.

  6. Run. He’s given you an out, take it. He sounds immature, angry, volatile, unstable. He literally got you evicted. Take the out and run.

  7. You have time for that to develop. That conversation does not need to take place for YEARS. If she already had a fear of commitment and anxiety, you just effectively made it skyrocket. What you effectively did was put into her head all these “what if” scenarios. Her natural tendency to alleviate these would to be simply to break up with you. Then she doesn't have to worry.

    What you should do is tell her that you enjoy her company. You like being with her and let's just focus on that. Whatever happens will happen and you can address that down the road.

  8. Have you tried pleasuring her first and then go to PIV? It really is a better experience for both of you. Gotta explore each other, find out what she likes. And don't look at porn for reference.

  9. That’s the thing, we had a date set for next Wednesday, so that’s why I find it odd he hasn’t contacted since Friday

  10. none of these people messaged him directly which i’m grateful for but still i became very upset

  11. And this is why many women have a hot time with bachelor parties and strip clubs in general. Someone needs to tell her she gets dirty dick. Would you want that?? How would you feel if you eventually found out your bf cheated?? So much community dick outside..disgusting

  12. What steps have you taken to manage your depression/dead bedroom?

    You seem to be shocked your partner is hurt. I can’t say I understand that. By the sounds of it, you’re not having sex, you have made it abundantly clear you do not want to see his body, and you’re getting upset over any level of nudity in his own home.

    You can have whatever boundaries you please, but try to see things from his perspective here. I’m seeing a lot about your feelings and almost nothing about his.

  13. She's not happy or at peace with out relationship. We've tried many different things.

    If that is true, how did you ever get to the point of becoming engaged, then planning an entire wedding and waiting until a month before that wedding to realize this is the wrong thing?

  14. At the risk of being too confrontational… why are you with someone that belittles and invalidates your feelings so much? It sounds like you have made a lot of compromises having the guns in the home despite your very valid worries about them. Has he made any compromises in this situation? Does he give a reason why he can’t wait till you’re not there to handle the guns?

    Also, is this how he acts in other areas of life. Are you the one that is always/mostly making the compromises and he just gets to do whatever he wants? Or is this the only issue where he is refusing to budge on.

  15. My suggestion would be to get your fiancé in therapy. This is a him issue 100% and he needs to put work in to get over it, or this is the end of y’all’s relationship.

  16. My first thought reading this was that you do not sound like you are emotionally healthy enough for a relationship and this…

    It also doesn't help that I have other men begging for a chance, promising the world to me (I know they're full of shit, but it makes you wonder, you know).

    Really solidified that thought.

    If you can't fall asleep without someone cuddling you and when it does happen it brings you to tears, I think you need to work yourself out in therapy a bit more first before being in a relationship. This sounds like some really deep codependency issues or something.

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