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Date: September 26, 2022

6 thoughts on “Lina-Mi on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. That doesn't mean she should be sad. U can appreciate the procedure for what it is and the whole potential of life and all thay without feeling sad. Shes allowed to feel sad, but she doesn't have to

  2. NTA. You didn't misgendered them. You didn't do anything wrong. You aren't transphobic. Your “friend” is being nbphobic as she can't accept someone's experience is different to hers, she is being disrespectful, not you.

  3. Your relationship with him is over. I would leave him behind. When a monogamous relationship opens up to threesome, somebody wants to cheat or get off on something. Mary couples break up when it’s suggested because the other person realize they can’t trust them anymore so my suggestion is that you leave them behind and find somebody who loves you. Clearly he does not or he wouldn’t of demanded that you have a threesome when you clearly did not want to.

  4. Leave the 23 year old alone. That's too much of an age and maturity gap.

    You could be poly! If you plan on committing to both 30F and 39F you need to be honest with both of them.

  5. He hasn't spoken to you in months?? Because he a narcissistic POS, he probably thinks that if he gives you this treatment about the texting you won't do it again out of fear he will stop talking to you ??‍♀️.

    Honey I think you need to contact a lawyer and leave, even if they haven't been physical his reaction to the texts would be enough for me and the not talking.

    When he sitting down, say you don't want to talk so listen, I'm filing for divorce, this behaviour the not talking is absolutely ridiculous because you got caught doing something inappropriate. I am not putting up with this anymore, I'm exhausted, so go get your sugar mama ?

    He will either just ignore you, or flip out saying your over reacting, just stick to your guns

    And say we are divorcing, we are divorcing.

    Contact lawyer today get the ball rolling. He has zero regard for your feelings. Don'tet him worm he way out of it, divorce and be free, trust me once he gone you will feel so much lighter and not so on edge about everything you say and do

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