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Date: September 26, 2022

7 thoughts on “Lily Ewing the hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. He doesn't love you. Maybe he tells you that, but his actions CLEARLY show you otherwise.

    Never let your desperation for a relationship talk you out of your common sense.

  2. You're considering breaking up over this? Then you should, because if you have such little trust in him that you're interrogating him over the smell of weed that could have infiltrated his vents from literally anywhere, you don't belong in a relationship with him.

  3. The thing about arousal and enjoyment for women, is we need to feel relaxed/comfortable to be able to feel/enjoy pleasure and sexy times

    That's not just women. Some men are like this as well. I have an extremely difficult time orgasming I'd I'm not comfortable in the situation (relationship, context of the encounter, feeling good about myself, etc.). I also don't like receiving oral sex unless I'm trimmed and freshly showered. I'd guess a surprising number of guys are also like me, although I agree it's not the majority. What's upsetting is, women automatically assume it's deathgrip or addiction to porn ? when in fact I prefer a very loose grip and watch porn maybe twice or so a month.

  4. OP is a sucker for punishment it seems. Jesus doormats of 2023! I dont wana break up with the chick that acts crazy and emotionally manipulative because i care about her ?

    OP likes wasting his time. Oof i cannot imagine this woman as a mother and OP as a pushover dad raising bratty ass kids who act like the mom does.

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