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Lilith, Nickol, 26 y.o.


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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. You absolutely do. She deserves the opportunity to make decisions about her own life. About her own health. Give her agency. Let her know.

  2. Have you asked your girlfriend exactly why she keeps in contact with her ex? What is the purpose? After six years no less.

    Even if she doesn't “reciprocate” she's still open to him, even knowing full well that he is abusive.

    By ignoring your feelings, she is telling you how she prioritizes your relationship. This is not a non-issue, but rather speaks volumes!

  3. Yeah, he's convinced he has ADHD. I think he just dissociates a lot honestly, but he always complains of feeling spacey and not remembering anything.

  4. Many people have suggested starting with foreplay and oral that focuses on her and I agree.

    There is also a trick that can sometimes hold back your orgasm. The frenulum is on the underside of head of the penis. If you feel that you are about to orgasm but don't want to, squeeze your frenulum between two fingers; this can reduce your level of arousal and allow you to hold off the orgasm for a while.

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