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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. If she's not happy with what you're contributing, the approach should be for her to put her hand in her own pocket and cough up the rest. I feel like one member of the couple feeling obliged to pay for the wedding (usually the man) is ridiculous anyway, IMO. It's a joint commitment. Share the cost.

  2. You got into a relationship with someone 14 years your senior, which at 26 is your decision, but there are two things:

    how old were you when you got together? this is your first relationship, so getting into that with someone that much older will have an inherent power imbalance and I have a feeling it played a large part in the problems you were having.

    So I want to say there's a very good chance that doubt you feel is something you should listen to, you should date someone closer to your age to be on a level playing field.

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