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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. His issue likely isn't with those women, or even you but himself. He feels guilty about enjoying that stuff and assumes that everyone will view the situation the way he does, but he's not taking into account that not everyone has had the experiences he's had and it's not okay to impose your worldview on them. Likely, because of the internalized hatred and guilt, he'll only get more aggressive and defensive about it because, he likely thinks it's easier than talking things over in a rational manner.

  2. Statistically, men overestimate the amount of chores they do. I've never seen that broken down by neurotypical/neurodivergent people, but your use of hedging language (“around half”) and saying you play with your kid but nothing about other childcare makes me think that you probably are not doing half the work. I agree with the other respondent that you should be doing the majority. Physical aches and pains don't preclude things like arranging appointments, meal planning, and other household management. Why is your “project” that might be a waste of time more important than saving your marriage? You've got a lot of excuses.

    You've admitted in several comments that you have been frequently ignoring her when she speaks to you for an indeterminate time, but most of your comments frame her as the uncommunicative one, dropping hints without explaining, getting upset (as though that's a fault of hers and not a HUGE warning sign), etc. That's deceptive af. An hour ago u/emccm SPECIFICALLY asked you if she had repeatedly given you the clues you needed and defaulted to “figure it out” only because she had given up on hoping you would pay attention. You obfuscated, and instead of admitting that you frequently zone out when she speaks, you complained that she expects you to read between the lines and you can't. The truth is, you don't know how many times she has told you what she wanted/needed/worried or cared about when you didn't listen/hear her. If you won't be honest here, where you're asking for advice from strangers, you're probably a lot worse with her, when the stakes are higher. I worked with a guy who made me repeat myself over and over. It was disrespectful and crazy-making. If it was a genuine problem he would have made an effort to find strategies to do better. He was a major reason that I left that job. I'd never tolerate it in a partner.

    You have expected your wife to be your entire support system/entertain you. That's a crushing emotional weight to put on someone even without all the other stuff, and if you always want her to do stuff with you (on top of her job, chores, and childcare) she probably doesn't have a lot of time to maintain her own support system. You mention that she cries when she talks to her doctors, plural, so she may have other health issues. No wonder she is depressed and emotional. That's an appropriate and healthy response to the stressors in her life, but in many comments you present it as her being essentially hysterical.

    You don't seem to have made any efforts to improve until your wife filed for divorce. Even now, your efforts are creating a social media account and lying/making excuses after asking for advice. You don't even have a formal diagnosis, you've just decided for yourself that you have autism. I've got to agree with her. Your behaviour doesn't say “I love you”, it says you only care about your own happiness being threatened.

    I hope that in the future she has a supportive partner. I don't have much faith that it will be you.

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