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Blowjob [Multi Goal]

Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. It’s not up to me to decide when the appropriate time to meet her is, that’s her father’s job.

    What?? No. You do realize you have complete autonomy and can make your own decisions yourself based on your own values, morals, knowledge, educations, etc?? If you go out on one date with a guy and he says “I want you to come over tomorrow and meet my kids” you don't think 'Gee, this seems really inappropriate but he's the dad so I guess I have no choice and I have to meet his kids because he said so.' That's utterly ridiculous.

  2. So he thinks kidnapping and rape are romantic-and thinks you’re the problem here?!?

    Girl. Get the hell out of there!

    It would be different if you were both into consensual non-consent play and had negotiated this ahead of time, but to just drop this on you is the neigtest red flag he could wave.

  3. It’s the jumping to conclusions that bothers me. Like you said, he made assumptions and at this point, we just started dating. I don’t think that was his place.

  4. Talk to a lawyer, do not leave your home. Why don’t you chat with her parents and ask why she can’t go back home? She’s the one who left you, if you’re worried about your daughters quality of life then seek legal advice on how to proceed for custody agreements/child support.

  5. OPs post should be read by the hundreds of women / girls who post here about their male “besties” acting up on them. Nine out of ten times the “friends” just want a crack in the door so they’d slither in.

  6. She’s not old enough to have a relationship. She’s acting like a teenage girl. That doesn’t understand. Part of an adult relationship is sexuality. I’m not sure what to say if you’re OK with that then stay with her but I don’t know what it’s so weird to me.

  7. He made promises he didn't keep so you had every reason not to trust him.

    If you are 'afraid' to tell him somthing minor you did a year ago with pretty valid reasons then your relationship is still very rocky imo

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