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Date: October 2, 2022

8 thoughts on “Lexyeve live sex cams for YOU!

  1. I'm sorry. I am just angry for you. You have no savings, and he went and did this??? I guess the strippers will have a great Christmas. I added to my prior post with a few questions. Honestly, I would be sooo angry. You just had a baby, and he decides this is the best use of family money?

  2. Why are you letting your ex (!) treat you like this? Have some self-respect and break up properly and go no contact.

    Focus on your studies, go to parties and enjoy the student experience. Liberate yourself. Meet girls and have sex when you feel ready for it.

  3. You shouldn’t. If you’re determined to, try instead to get her to join you for a coffee break or a lunch to get a read on whether or not she wants to spend time with you alone first. If she doesn’t, don’t ask her out at all.

  4. You say you can work through it, but you asked him to stop and he didn't. Girl, he does not care. You can't work through it if he doesn't care.

  5. I’m going to vote don’t do it, simply because you were too naive to realize that this is sex work in disguise. If you’re going to be a sex worker, do it on your own terms at least and do your research first. You have to get way more street smart

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