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Date: September 26, 2022

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  2. I don't think it's at all OK to ask your partner or friend if you can fuck each other, it's utterly disrespectful, if that sometimes your into, there would have to be serious trust on both parts for it to be just physical, no dating, no cuddle after, just meet fuck leave, and be no one either of you know and have to see again. I wouldn't know how to bring it up without hurting them if they are not on the same page, but maybe ask about exploring more things sexually and you'd really like the idea of each of you having sex with another, probably swining.

  3. I'm just trying to figure out what a hypothetical situation in which a woman is in physical danger if they control contraception has to do with the argument?

    It seems to me that the implication is that women can't be held responsible for birth control because of the physical peril, therefore they should be in control of abortion. But in reality, condoms are not the only form of birth control and women are much more in control of all other forms. Outside of condoms, men can't even be sure what level of birth control is being used by their partner.

  4. Thank you for u/swnflowers. That's exactly what I meant. So far everything was just perfect with her so I'm not gonna give up on her after this one situation. I will give her some time to rethink and will try to talk with her again.

  5. Hahahah you’re such an idiot, I hope you get over your issues and manage to be happy.

    Sounds like you let a catch slip through your fingers but good for her, you’re not in a space where you should be in a relationship and you’d be wasting her time.

    ‘It was a test and she failed’…buddy you’re too old for that shit

  6. If she can't accept that you simply can't afford to drop $2k on her wedding she isn't really a friend. A friend would understand.


  8. From experience… the idea of leaving or making any change feels so big and much harder than it is. When you are ready, and give yourself a push, it'll be work but eventually it'll fall into place and you will be able to breath again. Leaving an abuser will be work, but it will be way less stressful to take care of yourself than to tip toe around someone else. When you treat yourself well, you will appreciate it way more than he has.

  9. If he's doing this to 'get back at you', call the police non-emergency line. What he may be doing is illegal.

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