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  1. Are you 23 or 13?

    Your whole post was a shitpost about how you don't like her. You literally came to Reddit to trash talk her. You insinuated that she is faking a heart condition. Everything you wrote is mean spirited. No wonder she was talking about you. It sounds like you have it out for her.

  2. She could be premenopausal. My mom was crazy for years because of it. That said, it only exacerbated an existing problem she had. It didn’t create one.

  3. The reason I say this is because you practically just adopted this child into his life out of absolutely nowhere! It’s not a matter of whether you agree or not, more-so how he is feeling. Maybe I’m wrong and you’re right. Maybe it’s the opposite. You need to have an open conversation with him because clearly this is too much for him. Do you really want to proceed into marriage when he has this clear resentment towards you and your brother?

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