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Date: August 31, 2022

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  1. So roommate, not landlord? Then absolutely NTA. Your roommate is not in control of the pet situation, and if she doesn’t want to have pets in the house, then she can move out.

  2. I was in similar situation, and it´s probably not good idea to do move that fast, but for me things really went well. This relationship really healed me and now we have been together for years, and we are engaged, and we are very happy and very much in love. But things can also go so wrong if you move that fast, i just wanted to tell that sometimes things can aslo endup well. You should do what feels right for you, and i also suggest you to go to theraphy, i promise it will help you a lot.

  3. She hit you. That's the end. It's admirable that you still care about her wellbeing but what about yours?

    Don't forget by your own admission if your friends hadn't been there you would have gotten jumped. She would be texting her apologies from that dude's bed while you were laid up in the hospital.

  4. This is why guys his age pursue girls your age to begin with. (Coming from F23, I would NOT be pursuing a 19 y.o.) They think you’ll be easier to control and less resistant to being forced to do things they want. Don’t let him do this to you. I’d stop seeing him if I were you. ???

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  6. Weddings are a big show often to impress someone who is not the bride or groom. You just hit the freaking jackpot. You’ll likely be able to hang out and party with them before, during, and after, without any of the obligations. Wearing whatever you want. Her wedding isn’t about you, but you can still go and be the life of the party. On the petty side though the cooler you are with this the more she’ll regret not making you a bridesmaid.

  7. Maybe. He could have wanted to try and ask you out but got cold feet…

    Or, he may have wanted to just be friendly and socialize with new people but got nervous and struggled to keep up the pace of the conversation.

    Both things are pretty common and pretty innocent, IMO

  8. No, he’s at home with his parents. The police took him straight home as apparently he has a stable home there

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