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Date: October 2, 2022

9 thoughts on “Lana Rose live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Oh my god. You ruined this guy's life. You are lucky if he doesn't press charges against you and your friends. I would do it.

  2. And to even rebute my own comment …….

    Is she really even unhealthy? She gained 20-30lbs, but has she become super unhealthy all of a sudden?

  3. What does being in a relationship have to do with this? Being in a relationship with someone does not automatically mean they have an equal say in their partner's body.

    If he is making things worse in his approach, then no, she does not need to discuss her weight with him. Because that is only causing to further the problem, not help it. If he can not discuss her HEALTH, not her weight, in a way that doesn't make her feel like crap, then he should not be discussing it.

  4. So she called, and you called back when you could.

    Unless there was a text message or voicemail, how were you supposed to know why she was calling.

    So if no text, or voicemail letting you know what happened, then you tell her that while you realise she is upset and it was a horrible situation, you were at work, were not able to answer her call, and called her as soon as possible, but as you had no knowledge of the incident before you called, her anger at you is disrespectful and misplaced.

    Tell her that you want to be there to support her through this, but if she doesn’t stop being angry at you for a situation you had no part in, that you will not be able to, and the longer she holds this anger towards you the more you will need to consider ending the relationship.

  5. Think about if the tables were turned and he was half hot in bed with another girl with his hands on her body (or hers on his body). If it’s meant to be for you two, then it’ll work out eventually, but I wouldn’t count on salvaging things after this. Part of being in a trusting relationship means that you can trust your partner in all situations, sober or not.

  6. 100% this. I was trying to work out how to word what I wanted to say and struggling, but you have done it perfectly.

  7. But not only that – he wanted you to do the same.

    HA I doubt it. Placing bets on if this happened, he’d be the first to post to Reddit: I wanted an open relationship and now my wife is the new Marilyn Monroe of our town and I’m the…. Mr. Bean.

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