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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Break up. Attraction is a huge part, and this is going to turn into a slippery slope of you not showing affection because he looks like a toe, which will upset him, which will just make this whole situation just keep getting worse and worse

  2. I'm not surprised by her maturity….I said it's going surprisingly well given the short amount of time that we've known each other…..

  3. He won’t change. Here’s how to decide if you stay or go. Is he a good enough partner that you would give up on marriage to stay with him?

  4. As a man with, ahem, similar problems. Until you find longer term solutions you might try a position I've heard referred to as The Bunny. Wherein you lay on your stomach while he enters from behind and above. It really helps reduce the functional length and applies pressure and friction in…. interesting ways. It was a favorite of my wife's for a long while.

  5. You can buy a decent GPS tracker for her car!!! It plugs into the cars OBD port under the dashboard near the steering column & it never needs to be charged, since it runs off the car's battery. Look it up on Amazon!!

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  7. Not going to lie, I am rolling my eyes hot at the fact that you have been with this guy for years, had 3 kids, and he labels his behavior and all of a sudden things that were acceptable and ‘standard’ issues, now necessitate leaving the marriage

  8. Ask her to suggest the time to suit. At some point she has to have some agency here, if she doesn’t she’s not that interested anyway.

  9. You should ask if getting your fallopian tubes removed instead of cut or tied is an option.

    I had a hysterectomy years ago. I had a brilliant young surgeon who told me that they now routinely remove the fallopian tubes along with the uterus because they have found that up to or possibly more than 90% of cases of ovarian cancer actually start in the fallopian tubes. So by removing them, they cut your chances of getting ovarian cancer by 90%.

  10. Or she’ll literally crawl on top of me and stare until I wake up and acknowledge her.

    Your girlfriend is weird and controlling. None of this is acceptable.

    There is some underlying issue here that she demands your time. She needs therapy, and you need sleep.

    If she’s not willing to work on these issues, then you need to leave her.

  11. Yes, definitely do it in person. It’s an important conversation, plus you get to pay attention to her body language.

  12. Nothing in the post suggested he had an issue with her drinking? The guy clearly can only take so much family time and wanted to go home and decompress and OP wasn’t letting him leave

  13. Thank you. I'm putting together a plan of action and trying to figure out the best way to approach it. First of all I'm going to see about therapy for myself.

  14. Your husband needs therapy to address his financial anxiety. If he refuses to go to therapy, then perhaps divorce is the next option.

  15. Different scenario, but when my teenagers pout I usually say, “do you really think that’s going to get you what you want? It has literally never worked. I’m embarrassed for you.” Or something along those lines. They rarely try it, but usually after my daughter has spent too much time around a specific friend of hers.

  16. The fuck? So is she just advocating that a mentally disabled person sit in their own filth? How about the elderly who have to go through this?

    “She needs time” no she needs an attitude adjustment and a reality check. How unbelievably rude.

  17. To respond that question I’ll paste my reply to someone else’s answer.

    I have spoken to her on the phone and we’ve seen each others pictures. Honestly she seems like a nice person. He has offered her to stay at our home for three months because that’s the easier and cheaper way. I mean is he supposed to put her in a hotel for three months? Who has that kind of money? She will be sleeping in a guest room. Also the length of the stay aka 3 months is because the visa application is a lot of work so why not stay for three months once she gets it approved. (3months is the duration of the approved turist visa) instead of going through all that trouble to just visit for 1 month for example.

    They’re relationship back in Africa was not romantic only friendship. She used to work in the hotel he stayed at and they have only been friends. That’s what he tells me at least, so I really don’t know anything other than that. Besides I try to trust him. And also he has been very open about this visit so I feel like that also should make me trust him a bit more. He hasn’t been secretive about talking to her or wanting her to visit etc etc. He also made a good point; if he had wanted to be romantically with her then why didn’t he all those years back? They have never kissed or done anything, why would he wait until now to suddenly want to be with her? that’s why I’m a bit confused.

    He also didn’t spring this visit on me. He sort of casually told me that he is thinking about having her over to visit us after he spoke to her on the phone one day. It wasn’t like he just demanded it. I could have said my piece there and then since he was considering it, but I went along with it and said okay because he was just considering it. It wasn’t as if he asked me straight out that he wants her over for three months while I’m gone and how do I feel about it etc etc. I feel like he’s included me in his thoughts process every time. He speaks of the visa process openly and asks me for help when there are things with the applications he doesn’t understand etc. so it’s not like he’s secretive about it and I could have always spoken my mind. But I feel like it would be fu*ked up of me to plainly say no when I really don’t have a reason to yet and that I should issue some trust on his behalf.

  18. I’d bet this means she wouldn’t trust you to change the diapers of your daughter if you had one together

  19. Unfortunately. Specifically it's about having your SO unknowingly consume something that came from your body (Cum, piss, shit, sweat, etc). Gotta say I've not heard of nail clippings before.

  20. You can be bi or pan and still not be attracted to the person your partner transitions into. How a person presents can change your attraction to them, even if they are still the same person within. As long as you are honest about your feelings and respectful of theirs that is what matters.

  21. My ex gf's divorce and was uncontested 50/50 because her and her ex are both reasonable people. She could've been unreasonable and went for all of it and this guy doesn't have the means to “fight” for something he shouldn't have to fight for. So, I suppose in a situation like that he'd let her have her way, she'd be part of the 90% and 79.9%, and you'd lump him into being a father who didn't want it.

    Your argument just fell apart with one very close case that I'm personally aware of. So, it only stands to reason that there are many, many more.

  22. Leave her alone. Cut and dry. Stop it. She sounds like a wonderful woman and you, understandably, are very wishy washy right now and don’t know what you want. A work relationship with someone who has lower ranking and seniority than you isn’t the place to figure yourself out. “She would tell me if something doesn’t sit right with her.” Just be an adult and pull back without her having to say it. Orbiting her and walking her home when you’re flakey was already too much. Stop now. Let the poor girl work and you go figure yourself out elsewhere so it won’t ruin her job for her.

  23. Yeah. Maybe we should look at all of the tasks just by the effort it takes. I can go back to her and see how we can divide it up that way I guess.

  24. I dated a man exactly like this years ago. Serious conversations of any nature were always extremely one-sided. He'd beg time to think about things I'd said, and then just… never do it. I'd check in days or weeks later, and he always avoided the topics at hand. He hated conflict, so he just genuinely pushed it aside and neglected to care about it.

    Trust me, it doesn't get better. He might love you and might care about what you have to say, but he can't meet the need you have for productive conversations.

    Leave now. It's kinder to yourself to rip off the band-aid if this is how you feel now, because you'll feel neglected eventually.

  25. Sounds like she needs a ride to therapy. There has to be an underlying reason for her behavior. I get liking sex and if that was it that would be fine; but it doesn't sound like she is doing it just for the casual sex. It sounds very self-destructive and self esteem related.

    It isn't your job to save or fix her. You have to look out for yourself as well – and having a friend that doesn't respect your opinion and ghosts you in the middle of these trists is not a friend.

  26. You need to walk away. It does not matter that you sunk 3 years into the relationship, it isn’t working. So, time to walk away.

  27. Does he wear a wedding ring? If so, how does he hide that at work? Have you ever met any of his coworkers? Who were the witnesses at the wedding?

  28. All yall weirdos being aggressive and assuming I am telling her to put her life in danger with a cop. I am just stating what the wife needs to know about her husband. Thats it, which is what the top comment suggests as well. Not telling OP what she should do.

  29. More like a reminder to check back for, you guessed it, UPDATES.

    Do you even know what karma farming is? I have less than 10k and my account is over 3 years old. If that was my intention, I’ve failed miserably.

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