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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Nope. Alone time in a relationship is important too. Everyone should continue to be individuals, even when they're in a relationship, and I feel like that gets lost a lot.

  2. If she threatens to kill herself, call 911 and have them deal with her or whatever mental health authority exists in your area. You aren’t oxygen. She doesn’t need you to on-line. Ultimately, breaking up may be stabilizing for both of you.

  3. still a really bad idea, though i understand you made it in jest

    I would hate to see someone seriously hurt or maybe even killed that way. Regardless of whether they were as OP describes.

    two wrongs never make a right

  4. A bit of sarcasm… I think we all make mistakes and those who talk about them are working through them and growing. Do you like reading them because it helps you feel better about what you’ve done? I know that before I left my marriage I would read posts about abuse to justify my husband’s behaviors and to feel better that I wasn’t getting beaten or raped.

  5. > havent talked to them about how ive been feeling because i would like them to be happy, and the last time i tried to talk to them they didnt say anything in response, im not exactly sure what to do. any advice would be appreciated

    Open communication is vital in a successful relationship, ESPECIALLY in an open relationship. If they don't want to communicate about your emotions, then it's over. You're still young, you still have time.

  6. You knew/know what you're liking, at least be honest. It has nothing to do with the woman from Twitter being across town or across the country. Liking a picture shows support of it, and you have no business liking lewd photos of any other woman. Your girlfriend may be insecure in other areas, but this isn't an example of her being insecure. You're being disrespectful.

  7. What a shit mom, i lowkey hope the son is going to tell her that Max was in another relationship or smt at the same time.

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