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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. So number 1 your body your choice.

    I’ve known a girl that was in a similar situation, I’m not sure if it applies exactly but he got really into this one sport of motorcycle riding. Long story short he was projecting his insecurities on her because he felt that they were drifting apart. They comprised on a activity to could do together. Maybe that’s what’s happening and you could find a activity to do together instead of separate workouts. Otherwise he sounds like an ass

  2. sleeping with a open FaceTime just so you can make sure noone smells her farts is weird.

    obv, I'm being ridiculous.

    you just need to make sure invisible ppl aren't fucking her.

    I'm being harsh because you need to hear this

    Insecurity is NOT SEXY OR MANLY AT ALL.

    It's fuckin weird. If she has any damn sense she squash that shit quick.

    You asked. I answered. Let them stones drop and learn what is normal in a relationship. This isn't it.

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  4. short little blurb about 'oh sorry to hear that'

    but a long dissertation about how bad guys are….

    Are you the creator of such a group, perhaps?

  5. Eu sinto muito que esses “amigos” fizeram isso. Eles são uns babacas. Carnaval não é desculpa para faltar a um evento que eles confirmaram.

    A menos que eles realmente corram muito atrás de você e mostrem o quanto estão arrependidos, saiba que eles não são seus amigos.

    Não quer dizer que você nunca mais saia com eles, até pq todos precisamos de círculos sociais, principalmente até você achar um novo grupo. Mas saiba que não pode contar com eles.

  6. Go further.

    Tell him:

    “It's extremely important for me to feel that I am someone special to you.

    Life is generally routine, so for some people like me, there are times that I want things to be special; different from the everyday life.

    When that happens, that's all I need to know that I am special to you.

    And it's not a women thing – we all want variety; we all just want it differently.

    For me the variety is a few days in a year where you set time aside to do something that elevates my happiness level a few degrees above regular.

    And it's not about expense. Heck, a scribbled note that tells me that you took 5 minutes in the last week to think about me and then put those thoughts on paper – is enough to make me feel we are the same as we were at the start – 2 people happy to plan a lifetime together.

    It's not that I don't know what you feel for me – but just like how working professionals get a pat on the back now and then for a jib well done – even if that's how they always work – the little bit of extra appreciation in that pat is a momentary uplift that refills the satisfaction & happiness levels”.

    TL;DR: Talk in his language and on his wavelength.

  7. Dude, there's no way that this works out with the two of you in a healthy relationship with her. This is not the behavior of someone who's going to be getting into any sort of healthy relationship any time soon.

  8. I refuse to believe this is real. Have you read the previous post? Did OP really need to skip her only child's (back then) birthday to meet Max? I mean seriously? Her own son's birthday? Couldn't she have worked out something else with Max?

    Her son is doing the right thing to cut her off permanently. She could have made things a lot less worse. If only she had been upfront with the relationship there would be some type of mother-son relationship left to work on. But no. She just decided Max was her number one priority. Now she devote all her attention to Max.

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