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  1. The writing is on the wall, you know what's going on but you don't want to accept it. Do you honestly think that he wants to continue the relationship when he told you he wants a break?then breaks up and then uses (yes, uses you) you for sex and then continues to be evasive and leaving you in the dark? He clearly doesn't care about what you think and feel.

    By the way, I hope you do see he needs to be evasive/avoidant with his answers to you. Why? Because that's how he can guarantee a continued source of sex when the coast is dry his end.

    There is no question in my mind, and should be on yours too, that if he found an alternative woman he'd drop you like a very hot potato and never look back. Do you really want to wait for that so you are even more deeply hurt?

    You have an opportunity to pull the plug on him and run with your head held high, don't waste it! Don't let him demean you further by playing on your mind to fulfil his needs. Recognize you too have needs and deserve respect. You deserve to be told one way or another how he wants to proceed and if he is insisting on messing you about, you need to take action for yourself. That is, if you really care about yourself and how you feel.

    I apologise for my harshness, but I genuinely feel for you, I see you are choosing to overlook the obvious and for that I am sorry. I wanted to get the message across without sugar coating it unnecessarily. Im brutal I know. I hope you cut your losses soon.

  2. She’s invited you to spend the night at her place 3 times, she wants to be intimate with you. she’s also been emotionally cheating with you.

  3. Kids, teens, young adults, influencers, it’s a crazy superficial stupid world out there.

    She got played by some meddling coworkers. She needs to grow up. This will help.

  4. If that’s true then just know that you made your ex develop Stockholm Syndrome. Go to therapy before you start dating again.

  5. I might have eventually wanted a relationship with her but I prefer more casual arrangements and then escalating to a relationship if it feels right. Yes, my logic is stupid and I would've played it differently if I could redo it.

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