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Date: September 24, 2022

6 thoughts on “KirstenDanston

  1. It's a matter of mental health. Yours and hers. We are all human, OP. If your mental health is causing daily problems, she may just not be able to tolerate it anymore without damaging her own mental health.

  2. I do have her socials. Have any ideas on what to say when I see her next to see how she reacts to?

  3. My now ex was an alcoholic. The last 2 years before I finally got clean took a real toll on me and I started resenting him more and more (talking to an alcoholic is useless). I hit rock bottom before he did and gave him an ultimatum and he did actually clean. But the resentment ran deep and him goign to rehab made matters worse. I never got past that feeling even though our moron marriage counselor told us we'd been given a nee opportunity for our life together and I should fake it until we make it. I would almost get physically ill beign around my ex.

    It is really hot going back to liking someone when they 1) they treat you like crap and 2) and you resent them.

    I honestly don't even think it's worth sticking around unless she willing to get evaluated medically and mentally. She sounds horrible. Mayeb she needs to get a job and get her out of the house and do something productive and be among other adults. Doesn't sound like she's doing much at home since kiddo is in daycare.

    I'd divorce her. I can guarantee you will feel like a ginormous weight has lifted off your shoulder. This is incredibly toxic environment for your kid to grow up in as well. You owe your kid a better family unit if that's only you and kiddo. As for full custody, who know she may not even fight it….

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