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Date: September 26, 2022

19 thoughts on “KimKL live sex chats for YOU!

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  2. For someone to go from largely straight A’s to getting a D is a pretty big deal. And if the only change your dad is aware of is this new boyfriend then while correlation may not equal causation, it’s pretty reasonable for him to make the correlation that you’re not focused on your studies due to boyfriend.

    If your dad won’t find out, I suppose you could keep seeing BF but 5 mos isn’t a long time and you’d probably be smart not to jeopardize yourself financially by disobeying.

  3. If you don’t know what you’re asking for then we don’t know what answer to give you.

    You seem to know when the relationship is BS, just like this new one. She just wants a FWB. If you don’t want that, then move on to the next person. Women on dating apps, especially very attractive ones, get a ton of attention and might be more likely to play their options/fwb situations. If you’re struggling to find a real relationship on an app, approach people irl. Also, tinder is used more for hookups than relationships. Try hinge.

  4. I can't possibly see how crushing a 10 year old is productive. My 12 year old grandson loves basketball. When he was younger I never went all out on him and many times he won but not always. However I would have him work on any weak points. As a result he still loves playing basketball. Crushing him would have broken him. Your wife loves her son with all her heart and can't bring herself to crush him.

  5. You’ve barely just met. You’re grossed out by her smell. You two aren’t compatible. It’s pretty simple. A conversation won’t change her pheromones.

  6. I mean I could see why you’re disappointed in her for having an affair with a married man but for someone who claims they’re not romantically interested in someone your reaction seems very extreme

  7. Look for similar names on these accounts. I would tell you, I believe this person is probably going to set up a new account may already have done that to look around and leave them alone.

  8. We've been broken up for one week.

    And thank you. It has been hot. I've already moved out. Trying to find my place in the world is really overwhelming and scary. I miss being a kid. I feel scared. But I hope I will find my way eventually, like you said.

  9. Hopefully he’ll grow up. I’m 50. Dicks and vaginas look, smell, etc like um…dicks and vaginas. ???‍♂️ Maybe when he matures he’ll realize it for what it is. For the record, silly boy.

  10. Not sure what to say about your partners behaviour but right now your priority is for you and the baby to make it through to a safe delivery.

    Nothing else matters now.

  11. I see that so much, I hate it.

    “YOU WENT THROUGH MY PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS??” As if that could possibly be worse.

    I’m so sorry, friend.

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