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Date: September 27, 2022

23 thoughts on “KilenyaPatrise live webcams for YOU!

  1. I think it’s definitely because he doesn’t want to be the one to have to say it but I dont think it will have any impact of it doesn’t come from him. I doubt she’d listen to me

  2. I don't think my wife will EVER forgive me if I get a buzzcut. In all seriousness tho, I am not for shaving off my hair, but I will be getting teeth cleaning.

  3. Ok makes sense. Kinda hurts a bit though to accept tbh. I always make it a priority to stay up until midnight for the birthdays of all my loved ones so i guess i was under the impression it was a normal thing you do. And it’s the fact that it’s 12am and you are still up out hanging out with your friends and you don’t tell me happy birthday until the morning 🙁 BUt just putting it out there i have a lot of self esteem issues that i’m in therapy for so idk if i’m acting from a place of insecurity.

  4. No. Tell your husband that’s fucking gross and nobody else in the world does this ??? what an odd thing to be upset over! It’s not an “alternative technique “ to immediately unclog a toilet. That’s the norm. Shame on his parents. Someone taught his this shit (pun intended)

  5. I’m well aware of that honestly I was worried that my latex allergy would prevent us from using condoms and I had stopped birth control because I couldn’t deal with the side effects anymore which was stupid but I love my daughter and I’m glad it happened but I’ll definitely be more careful now

  6. But isn't it still disrespectful even as a joke? Especially since not everyone has the same tolerance for this kind of stuff. I have clinical depression and anxiety and my boyfriend knows that. Its not easy for me to constantly hear him being teased about another girl :/

  7. You are young OP and she has failed the gf test.

    Its very simple test that involves not ever showing any interest with another guy whilst she is with you. She failed that and regardless of whether she told you or not, the simple fact remains that she cheated on your after only 10 months.

    Ignore her mental health issues, ignore her seemingly being sorry for doing this and ignore the sunk cost fallacy of thinking that the last 10 months makes this relationship somehow “worth something”.

    Because her actions have shown that to her, it isn't worth the same as what you value it to be.

    And know that if you do agree with working through this with her, she will take it as a sign of weakness, as a sign that she can do this and get away with it, and your relationship will go through this again, and again and again.

    The collective advice here will be that your life will be infinitely better without her in it.

  8. Because I had bad experiences with men in my own sphere, mainly due to classism, sexism, being obsessed by career and money, aggressivness, I am very sick of it. I have found quite the opposite in this new sphere

  9. Babes what about “in sickness and in health”? I know you’re not married yet but I’m assuming you will want to be one day. If he’s already not standing by you when you’re sick, it’s only going to get worse. That would honestly be a complete dealbreaker for me.

  10. He's using you up and not giving you any support. Living with him is draining and you're used to not relying on him, because he doesn't give you any space to talk and won't listen to you.

    Move out and you'll feel free. Move on and you'll feel better.

  11. I’m so sorry this is happening to you and your son. Please start documenting everything and consult with a family lawyer. There’s not going back from this and your priority needs to be protecting your son- eventually he’ll end up the target of her abuse if this goes on

  12. I mean, he can’t even stop himself from jerking off in the bathroom at work. There’s no situation in which that’s ok. It’s not even about the porn usage.

  13. I'd just explain to anyone that asks that unless they're willing to pay for the whole wedding, you and your partner are going to wait until the both of you are financially able to.

  14. I don’t know the exact extent of someone’s abilities to function on certain drugs, but I do know my fiancé did shrooms and immediately just wanted to FaceTime and talk to me. (He was at a bachelor party, but still)

  15. Sounds to me he has already grieved the relationship and is moving on. Only seeing your partner once every so often you really get to think about the future and what will happen. The man is just trying to live his life and now has his ex all up in his business

  16. You should take a break from dating and sort out your self esteem issues. You’re not going to find a quality person to love you if you dont love yourself.

  17. Don't understand why you are being such a floormat.

    When your bf says “Sorry you think I'm a horrible boyfriend”, you should have agreed with him. He is a horrible bf. You even have to buy a birthday card for yourself so you can make him look good in front of your family.

    The worst thing is that you are the one who is encouraging his behaviour.

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