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  1. You guys are way too young to get married. I’m hoping that your engagement last at least a few years, and that you don’t get married until you’re both at least 25. It sounds like you have a lot to work out for yourself as well to figure out what’s going on inside your head and in your life.

  2. You need to let that go and move on.


    That’s a long time to be fucking your own mind up and you’ve probably missed out on countless opportunities to meet other people in that time.

    What you did crossed a few boundaries and she wasn’t happy about that (rightly so). If she wanted to maintain your friendship, she would have.

    Now, stop beating yourself up, delete her from all your various media and get on with your life; or another 6 years will go by and all you’ll have is regret.

  3. Wait, you’re not going home? So he can stay out as late as he wants with his (maybe ex)girlfriend?? Yay for him!

    Here’s what I think when I hear your story. Your boyfriend had been with this woman for 9 years and things were getting stale. Instead of working on his relationship, he started an emotional affair with you. Realizing you weren’t going to simply cheat with him, he decided that the grass would be greener with you, and left his girlfriend for you. Except now, the grass isn’t greener. He’s realized that you aren’t the significantly better upgrade he was hoping for. He misses her and the things she did for him. And he asked her to have dinner on her birthday to work on their relationship – with the hopes of getting back together.

    He gave you lots of excuses and reasons, but none of them make logical sense. And him telling you that he’s going to tell her about you? Either he’s lying, or he’s going to tell her and downplay your relationship BIGTIME. “Oh, I’ve just been seeing someone casually, she means nothing to me.”

    I’m sure you’re becoming more aware of just how bad of a decision moving in with him was. You should really break up and preserve your own heart now – before he breaks it.

    Update us when you break up, I wish you the best.

  4. Ten years ago, during his 7th year of marriage with 3 kids 6 and under, his wife had an affair with her boss. His wife worked at the same place and informed my son when she discovered. He filed and moved her out of the house. She stayed with her AP, who was also moved out. When her affair fog lifted, she begged for a second chance. He decided he would attempt reconcilliation if she met his long list of non-negotiable demands. It included a polygraph test, a post-nuptial with a strong moral clause that would leave the wayward with nothing, individual counseling, and several others. She agreed and did all. The reconcilliation was successful. They are very happy and do everything together and as a family. Trust was totally restored. His plan has been a blueprint for several Reddit posters to save their marriage. I have a 2 page write-up. If interested, send me a chat request, and I will get it to you. I believe it can help if considering reconcilliation.

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