⚠, JUST TODAY CONTROL ME// 55 TK ⚠Wanna play truth or dare with me in private? I take dares like a champion♥/AT GOAL: fuck myself [Multi Goal]

Date: September 23, 2022

6 thoughts on “kikievega

  1. The thing he also brought up, was, how can I plan four or five trips to Disney in a year, but when he asked about going out to dinner a week later, I don’t know what my plans are? Because of vacation except plans, that’s different from day to day things.

  2. my partner has deep conversation about our sex life with friends of both and other genders. I discovered that it in fact improve our sex life. she have a relay for her concerns and she has translators for the hints she don't get around me.

  3. Go to your graduation, get your chosen family to cheer you on: your friends and your course mates will be proud of you and support you even though your family is failing you!

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