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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. There’s absolutely no chance I would ever allow this to happen. It’s a complete recipe for disaster and I would be consulting a lawyer personally

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  3. Because of reddit. In person i see different age gaps all the time and no one bats an eye like they do on reddit… people on-line and learn, cant control anyone

  4. You cannot back down on this.

    You seem to recognise that his behaviour, regarding this, will influence your children's behaviour as they grow but not thought about the way he treats you is also teaching them what they should accept as part of being in a healthy relationship…. His controlling behaviour will be showing your children that this is the norm for relationships. Your capitulation and allowance models to your children how a wife “should” be.

    You need to seek individual and couple therapy as to why things have gotten to this point.

  5. I mean, his life is about him & she’s not in it anymore. So what’s the problem with what he said?

  6. Here’s a thought. Stop looking for a woman to fix you and instead fix yourself. If you value stability, set some goals and become stable. To continue your analogy, if you exercise and eat right you don’t need vitamin pills and you can enjoy your ice cream without serious consequences. But if you’re lazy and eat like crap, vitamins won’t fix your problems and ice cream will make them worse.

    Also, quit the either/or thinking. People, even female people, are far more complex than that.

  7. I also have an internal psychologist at the vocational training center, and I have already had a few sessions with her. She gave me a list of external and easily accessible therapists. But I'm also afraid to call and to speak on the answering machine, which is why I've let it slide … I'm also afraid that I express myself really stupidly on the phone (I would like to write emails but either they don't have any and if they do then I don't know how to write it because my internal psychologist told me that therapists WANT you to call and you should rather not write them an email). Or it could also be the bullying and the exclusion in the past that I am afraid of what people think of me (besides, when I was bullied I also tried to hurt myself again and again).


  8. And single moms, anyway I’ll give my reasons, though do I really have to? This whole situation proves the sentiment right, he literally pays for her and her mother and a child that isn’t his and he can’t have his kids take on his last name? It’s not like he was being unreasonable either, he asked for double barrel and the people in the comments have the gall to say he should take on her last name? Tf?

  9. Go to your graduation !

    Also excuse me wtf your brother picked the date of your graduation for his wedding? That’s pretty rude of him. He could have just picked the week after – or any other date, really. Some people, man…

  10. If you want to apologize and make up with her do it at church, it almost sounds like it could be seen as a date the way you tried to arrange it. And church unity wouldn't care if two members just don't get along, you can just as easily leave it alone and let your hot feelings go in private.

    That said, with all this “God told me to” – maybe your next move was to tell her God told you to marry her. ?

    Leave her alone and let go of your bad feelings privately in church and that would have been enough, you really made your feelings her problem.

  11. It’s not cheating if you are on a break. You are single, even if you think it’s temporary.

    Also, you sound like a complete psycho and he’s lucky to be rid of you.

  12. Wanting an open relationship is synonymous for wanting his cake and eat it. He is looking for someone else to have sex with, but he doesn’t want to lose the safety and comfort of all the other stuff he has in your relationship.

    He is forcing his fantasy on you despite you making it very clear that it’s not something you are interested in or feel comfortable with. That is to me a consent violation.

    On top of all that he is also going through your phone and your shadow book. YOUR SHADOW BOOK! That is a personal violation and to me that would be reason enough to end the relationship with someone.

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