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  1. “Am I being stupid for wanting to get back with her?” Not stupid, but you ache for the girl you HAD, not this one who would blame YOU for HER cheating

    “Should I delete her location (cant seem to stop looking at it and wondering if she’s with him)? ” Yes

    “Should I not meet her in Italy?” No

    Just thoughts from a random dude on the internet.

    Good luck bud

  2. No. If the husband finds someone else he wants to sleep with he will hide it, because he never wanted YOU to have an open relationship. Especially not one that makes you happy. Honestly, I don't see this marriage working out.

  3. You're new to dating/relationships so things have a much higher intensity and importance to you.

    You were not dating, not exclusive, she hadn't made any commitments to you. You don't own her, she can do as she pleases.

    That being said, was it inconsiderate? Yes. Did it mean anything to her other than just some fun? Probably not, if she didn't know him.

    Don't think a kiss is the end of the world. She clearly messaged you because she wants some kind of follow-up with you.

    Read the messages, it's probably something along the lines of an apology and her wanting to progress things with you. Don't shut it all down over a drunken kiss when you didn't even have the whole “relationship talk”.

    Good luck.

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