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Date: September 22, 2022
Actors: Saphiyraamore

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  1. OP, go on r/regretfulparents to see how badly this will affect your life. Also, this was no accident. She’s baby-trapping you. I truly think the best decision for everybody is for your ex-wife to have an abortion or give the baby up for adoption. There is no way for this child to have a healthy life if it’s raised in a miserable home, or if your wife has primary custody.

  2. You must accept. You got married – you did not just accept her as your room mate.

    One thing that is a bit unclear is that she says she is tired by work – if that is only work at home – then this is unacceptable. If however she has work outside the home AND take care of the homework as well – then she could be right. In all cases you need to talk. Maybe you need to do more at home so she is less tired.

    If she is only at home – then you need a serious talk and then you need a decision.

    Right now your wife is NOT your wife. She is a glorified room mate. Under normal circumstances she should pay 50% of your joint expenses or pay rent and food.

  3. Thank you, I think you're right. I made a decision to find someone respectful and he seemed like that at first, but now asking how my night is then saying “would it be better if I were there naked” in a jokey way is just not for me. I think writing this I answered my own question.

  4. Your boyfriend is as loyal as his opportunities.

    Your sister is a sadists who likes to create drama for her own amusement.

    I advice you to talk to your boyfriend about boundaries and mabey consider breaking up. I advice you to cut your sister out of your life if she pulls more of this crap on you

  5. What did you mean by your husband said you asked for it?

    Was he against having kids? Was he always self-absorbed? Has he always had unresolved emotional issues that he refuses to work on or is all of this new?

  6. She is TA and to be honest if she is this easily upset then she shouldn't listen to the podcasts anymore.

  7. Your wife is offering a threesome, so she can cheat with your approval.

    You don't want an open relationship. Having sex outside of the marriage is cheating.

  8. You got what I’m talking about. That’s my point, OP’ gf obviously wanted ex to commit to her and seeing someone else getting what she wants so bad makes OP just a placeholder.

  9. she has been in 2 relationships that fell apart due to the guys leaving her eventually after losing interest , from what i know.

  10. I just know that that love can’t go away, I just hope he will be affectionate with both of us again.

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