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Date: September 20, 2022

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  1. You confessed and he said no . It’s ok. Now whether you should be friends or not will depend on you . If you are not able to set those emotions aside and continue seeing him as only a friend then maybe you should drop him. Cause you will only cause him and you pain in the long term . Also to the people saying the age difference and power dynamics … nothing in the world will be even. Is she young , yes but she is old enough to make the decision whether she want a relationship with an older man or not .

    I’ve seen many post on Reddit alone encourage women being 30+ to pursue men who are 25 and younger. However , when it’s a man being 30+ being with a 25 or younger woman . It’s too much and shouldn’t ever happen . Anyways OP if you can be friends with him without you , being too emotionally invested you are fine . However personally myself , I wouldn’t be able to remain friends with a girl who I had feelings for . That’s just me though . Good luck with your future endeavors

  2. I am an anxious person and I wanted to crawl out of my skin at that comment. I’m also immunocompromised so any sexually transmitted diseases could turn deadly for me.

  3. For being 31 he's an immature AH, who has permanently damaged your relationship with his family. Lord knows what he tells other people about you. I personally would reconsider the relationship.

  4. People are caught up that she didn’t do anything wrong.

    What you’re realizing is that she isn’t as classy as she portrayed herself as. Slowly getting to know you, making you wait, acting like everything with you was new and special, probably doing a bunch of cute early-relationship stuff. Basically letting you woo her while she pretended to be something she was not.

    There are lots of unanswered questions. Did she actually think you were a real prospect from the beginning, or see you as entertainment while she got fulfilled elsewhere (did you pay for early dates)? Was she horny after one of your dates, kissed you on the cheek and then invited the other guy over to rail her? Did she kiss his dick good morning after a sleepover and then go out to dinner with you that night?

    After five years, I certainly wouldn’t end the relationship right away. I wouldn’t even press her for details about the affair. Continuing the relationship would, however, rely on her acknowledgement that the way she treated you and deceived you was wrong. She needs to show some self-reflection and remorse, which is naked, and consideration for your feelings, which is easy. If she can’t do these, she’s not really such a good partner anyway.

  5. Sounds like a very clear case of “just break up already” to me

    If you don't want to break up and really care about this relationship, you need to tell her that too much is too much, she need to stop treating you as a part of her and become aware that you two are two separate entity with stuff to deal with outside of the couple

  6. Time to leave. I’d say the same to him if the roles were reversed. No one who is truly happy in their relationship if they “need more” or wants “more experiences” if their partner wasn’t involved. If he’s realizing he’s Poly, that’s one thing, but bringing that onto a previously Monogamous relationship is not okay and if he really cared about you he would’ve dropped it before making you upset. I hate to say it but he probably has someone lined up already to sleep with the moment you okay it, or already has and is looking for your approval to make it not-cheating.

    You need to face the reality that he isn’t the same guy he was through the rest of your relationship, and you’re still a child. You have plenty of time to find a Mr. Right who you can care for and respect and who will be worthy of it. Single life may be rough for a little bit but lean on your friends, they will support you.

    And on a more personal note, trust me, it’s much easier being alone than it is watching your partner run to someone else for affection if you’re not okay with it.

  7. Ah yea not wanting your gf to spend time with someone who does his best to get with her while trashtalking you behind your back is controlling nowadays? Then like more than half of human population is controlling. If she doesn't see his behaviour as detestable and reason to be angry then maybe just break up with her. It's the easiest solution.

  8. It wouldn’t make her feel better either, it would blow a hole through the relationship and they’d both be miserable. She should definitely keep her mouth shut and live with the knowledge that she nearly ruined her life.

  9. It's a fantasy this idea that you can be in a committed relationship while having sex with others. It will end badly and if you truly love her, as I suspect you do, it will crush you inside. You will get your sexual needs met but emotionally, it will be hell.

    Well, that's just not true, says my twelve year relationship that's a marriage which has held up while moving across the planet together.

    Is it possible that's an outcome? Yes. It is guaranteed? No. While the advice to breakup isn't necessarily bad, open relationships can and do work for some people, if not for everyone.

  10. hmm don’t tell her sister- she’s too young to have a tainted perspective of men and/or love.

    don’t tell her friends- you don’t know who is really her friend…and clearly she doesn’t have the best judgment given she thinks things are fine with Vivian.

    At that point if you know she has a solid relationship with her mother or father…tell them.

  11. I know I guess I’m just not used to texting the guy first all the time and initiating contact first bc it just seems like I am more interested in them then they are of me

  12. You haven’t worked through these experiences if they’re still affecting you so much that you’re having panic attacks and refuse to speak about them.

    You need to go back to therapy and you need to trust your gf to hear your experiences.

  13. You met when you were 15 and he was 16. It seems as if you’ve grown, but he’s still a teenager.

    While it’s great that you feel empathetic towards him, there comes a point in life where you need to ask yourself if the continued friendship is worth it – for you. You are obviously very frustrated with how he bombards you if you get on your pc to do work or study. It seems as if he’s impeding you from doing what you need to do as an adult.

    Honestly, it’s time to tell him he’s going on timeout for a while. Block him everywhere. Don’t respond to him in discord, etc. and concentrate on your adult life. He’s almost 30, doesn’t work, lives at home, supported by parents. You work, study, have outside interests. You’ve grown far past this relationship/friendship.

    Ask yourself this: if you had no further contact with him, would your life suffer?

  14. It's not possible for you, lots of people are in successful committed relationships while being friends with an ex.

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