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  2. His glasses were also in the glove box? Not likely.

    What is more disturbing is that he isn't trying to reassure you or anything.

    We have a car and I rarely go into the glovebox. Maybe once or twice since I bought it…a guy who details the car every week or two?

    Hell no. Maybe he has Tinder hookups in the car.

    Personally, I would go through his phone and check for dating apps, etc. I would create aome profiles and look him up.

    By the way, your/his communication around conflict does not sound healthy. Imagine two exhausted people with a baby… the fights will be what… complete shutdowns of emotion and communication?

  3. She isn’t giving you many options at this point. One do not have kids with her! Two, don’t be surprised if later in life she comes out gay and your stuck with her and kids. Can you really trust her again even if you both agree to no.?

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