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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. If it's even possible for you to break up by phone then it doesn't sound like you're living with each other or financially entangled. That's a big plus to end a relationship that you are not enjoying.

    The other rabbit hole though is why you aren't enjoying it? What makes you think you're incompatible? Those questions might get uncomfortable and a lot of people retreat from them. If you have a fear of commitment, or attachment issues, or just fantastical ideas of what a relationship may be that aren't terribly realistic… those all might be valid things that you'll likely need therapy over if you don't want a constant cycle of break ups or whatever. There's not enough information for that kind of thing though.

    I'd guess you're youngish? In that case you might have found someone reasonably attractive who thought you were reasonably attractive and upon talking to her for awhile find out you don't really like her personality or enjoy being with her, or hell maybe she snores and you're just not into it, but if you genuinely don't want to continue the relationship then end it for the both of you or you're just wasting each others time trying to find someone you would be happy with.

  2. You can make it up to her by not fighting her for the unavoidable child support and custody…

    What's more important to you, your friendship or your family?

  3. It’s just how he gets clean? And then takes a shower? Idk I AM a morning person but baths are disgusting to me.

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