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Date: September 21, 2022

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  1. I'm going through the same experience with my girlfriend. Sweet and nice, but then completely changes personality when she gets her period. She breaks up with me like clockwork every 4 weeks and comes back a day or two later. She is aware that her behaviour is irrational, but like your girlfriend doesn't seem to want to take steps to correct it.

    She broke up with me again 2 days ago, and this time I fear it is for good. She has blocked me everywhere and refuses to engage with me.

    I understand your pain, it is so hot to walk away from someone you love. But her issues, if they are physical or mental, are her issues. Not yours. You have the right to do what is right for you.

  2. I have no idea. Maybe he indeed should not be in relationship. But this is maybe the only thing I dislike about him. Can't deal with any fight. Small or bigger. Just shuts off and runs.

  3. I think she was looking for an exit and was too immature to just have that conversation. Now she’s a victim and you’re just a jerk. It sucks when people do that but take it as win, she showed her true character

  4. You can part on good terms now, and both of you go enjoy college, or you can wait until you resent each other or he cheats on you.

    There's nothing wrong with breaking up. Almost every relationship ends in a breakup. It isn't something to be ashamed of. It isn't a waste. Just move on. You're starting college and you have nothing but opportunity in front of you.

  5. Well if it's true it kind of depends on the truth and whether it's something you feel you can forgive. If it's not or it's something completely outrageous, then the only thing to do is break up and forget about him. You bring it up by doing your research first and then flat out stating that you happened upon a profile that looks exactly like the pictures he sends and has a similar name and other striking similarities, but is still far enough off from what he has told you to warrent some genuine worry and that you (may or may not have found some other things as well to back this up) and that you are willing to send him what you have and demand an explanation that isn't such astronomical bs pathological liars all over the world are looking up to the skies collectively in disbelief and it better happen now.

  6. this is what I've been trying to say. that accepting housing benefit from me means that she should just accept the fact that she'll get it when i'm paid. this stipulation has been a part of the uk benefits system for months.

    but half of these commenters are judging me from their american knowledge.

  7. Cue to Friday, I receive a text from him in the morning telling me that he booked a room for us for the night, that he'll come get me at 4 pm, and that he looks forward to waking up in my arms.

    He replied with “OK… I'll try to cancel the room. I'm not going to see you for a while [my name].

    …Not going to see you for a while? So now that he won't be getting laid, he suddenly has other plans? How convenient. Wonder what those plans might be. Or rather, who those plans might be.

    Call the hotel in the evening. I bet he didn't cancel it. He's up there with someone else, I guarantee it.

  8. No. You need to love yourself more than her and leave this marriage. Maybe check if you could spend some time with your family the next time you can arrange it, to talk and gather your thoughts? Your wife sounds unloving, mean and abusive.

  9. i havent been overwhleming her at all. like i said just a couple messages a day 🙁

    When she said we can still talk she admitted she kind of over reacted a bit. but i was the one who said we can still talk and she agreed… so idk what to do now..

  10. I stand by this.

    I believe you should come to a relationship as a healthy partner. That includes dealing with your own triggers.

    However, I would weight it as an 75 / 25…

    '75% come correct, 25% I will help you out.

    Just don't expect me to carry the weight of your baggage if you've done nothing to resolve it.

    I will help you carry some because I accept you and your flaws, just don't expect me to manage your flaws in full.

  11. Some people confuse love with possessiveness but others confuse insecurity with healthy boundaries and agreements. No, it's not okay to violate trust in a relationship and to violate its boundaries. If that woman and her husband have an open marriage that's their lifestyle to manage (though they probably don't – he'd probably have left her if he knew, she was probably just talking out of her ass to try to keep him in her bed), but not all people are interested in or comfortable with non monogamy and that's not insecurity, it's establishing personal boundaries. Lots of people would be happy to be in an ethically non monogamous relationship. But if that's not you, that doesn't make you naive, just means you'd prefer monogamy like a good chunk of the rest of the world.

    You need to sit down with him and discuss expectations and boundaries for your relationship. If you two can't agree, then you're not compatible and you should end things and look for someone who's a better match.

  12. I think the excitement of it would be all there is for me like for sure I would enjoy it but I would never ever let that get in the way of me being with my boyfriend for the rest of my life

  13. I'm wondering how old the kids are. She was probably post partum and POS husband wants to f her best friend who's never given birth. What pricks.

  14. That is HIS story.

    Why do you think he told you so?

    To stop you from going.

    They are so cunning.

    And so much alike!

    Put all the evidence you have together. Do take photos of all the messages and pictures.

    Put them away for the time being.

    Then in two or 3 month… let his wife have a nice parcel. “For her hands only”.

    “Vengeance is a plate best eaten cold” they say.

  15. Big attempt at manipulation here, he wants blow job and just tried to guilt you then gas lit you when shit when south. It’s up to you, but I’d really have a think about having a conversation again about how it isn’t right to use guilt to get sexual favours from someone you care about. He probably will just turn around and tell you you are wrong again though.

  16. She will use flowery language about them falling in love against all odds and leave out that she was fucking a teenager in highschool so much that she ignored her sons birthday. Mother of the year over here will try to make it seem like true love finding away and leave out that she abandoned her first child so that she could fuck his classmate. She couldn’t connect with adults her own age but found a teenager in highschool much more relatable.

  17. yeah, this. you called her her mother, someone you view as toxic / is actually toxic.

    now you say she isn’t like that. people don’t say things like that in the heat of the moment if it never crossed your mind at least once. I wouldn’t talk to you right now, either.

    no clue how you can come back from this one. whew.

  18. Well you'd be really much better off keeping any kind of pill or capsule and an air type uncrushable pill box

  19. Do you have a bf or truth worthy male friend OP? Maybe you can tell him that your bf (even if you don't have one) doesn't feel comfortable with you going to your ex's wedding. If you want to be extra petty, tell him you can only attend if you bring your bf. And if he accepts, go to the wedding with yoir bf (or fake bf) and tell him to act super flirty in front of everyone all day, be very touchy and keep your eyes on your bf all day. Im sure your ex will die inside seeing you happy and in love with another man, because it seems like he isn't over you and wants you to be as miserable as him. But he cant say anything or act weird because then he will be the jealous one, so your relationship will still be good but he will suffer inside.

  20. I definitely can believe he said that without meaning for it to be hurtful, especially if he personally doesn't care what your vagina looks like.

    However, his reaction to you expressing that it hurt you is very important. The correct response would be for him to apologize and reassure you, and a lack of that woule constitute a more serious problem.

  21. Sounds like he was emotional about OPs situation. Why are you taking it personally? You don't even know they were angry, it's text. Also telling people who are upset to calm down is a fools errand. There's just so many silly things about your comment.

  22. Having a lack of empathy doesn't equate to having a lack of feelings,

    Ok but psychopathy does correlate to lack of feelings, or rather they have surface level feelings but lack the ability to feel deeply and properly. I get you are trying to be understanding of a mental health problem, but this is one diagnosis that you can't wrap your head around. They're unpredictable and dangerous even for psychological professionals.

  23. “Brings out the monster in her”? What about her is monstrous other than daring to have garnered your complete and unrelenting disgust? It's completely fine to want a partner who enjoys activities that you also enjoy, like exercising and being active. It's absolutely okay to not want to date someone that doesn't share those interests/your enthusiasm. What's not okay is to talk about a human like they're horrid and malevolent for committing the horrible sin of putting on weight.

    It's okay to not be attracted to someone for whatever reason. It's NOT okay to be heartless about it.

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