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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. That would honestly depend. I know girls that were doing that stuff young they were all the same age 14/15/16. They were quite happy to do so.

  2. It's only been two months. I get that alcohol was involved and that things have been rough given the recent abortion. But none of that justifies or excuses what happened. She was coherent enough to consent, given her comments, and it happened hours after learning of your assault.

    I just don't see you coming back from that. You're supposed to be in the honeymoon period of your marriage, where you're planning for the future, etc. Reconciliation changes that. You'll be working to regain lost trust and respect to attempt to bring things back as they were pre-affair.

    It's a years long commitment that I'd personally avoid. To be honest, you should get divorced even if you decide to stay. It's a consequence to what happened, and it'll help you avoid going through it if reconciliation fails. There is no point in staying married to someone who so easily broke her vows' months post marriage.

  3. Stop telling people that don’t want kids that they might change their minds. Stop telling them about friends who changed their minds or had accidental pregnancies that happened to turn out right. We are all sick of it.

  4. thank you so much. you’re such a helpful person. i hope you don’t mind, but i’m adding your reply to my wallpaper ? i find this really comforting. have a nice day

  5. So, he’s already told you he has no issue with violating the rules of their relationship and having extra sleepovers without consent. Even if the rest of his story is true, he’s a cheater for this alone and he’s a trash partner. He has no respect for his agreements. My crystal ball however says his wife is not aware of their open relationship at all. Let me guess… you’ve never seen his wife, most of your hangouts are on weekdays and during the day, and hardly ever weekends? Tell him you’d love to stop by his house to pick him up for your next date and meet his wife.

  6. Phone records have no motive to lie to you. Your wife does.

    The most obvious and simple answer is usually the correct one.

  7. Funny just a week ago she casually mentions she’s deleting messages due to space…total sus

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