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  1. The whole world is on fire and it's difficult to find quality people. I've struggled with similar issues of people have FOBO and cheating on, abandoning, or altogether failing to commit some know it really sucks, but if people want to walk away, just let them. You'll find a lady who's values and such align with yours. I think what's more important (for both of us) is to keep in mind that we are not solely responsible for the well-being of our partners. We have to allow people to make shitty choices and do our best to be minimally affected.

  2. She sucks, she’s using and manipulating you, and you need to dump her stat and go to therapy to heal.

    What you’ve experienced might feel normal coming from abuse, but she’s definitely abusive as hell, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


  3. God help whoever dates you… Are you trying to get some pointers to use against someone here?

    Let's try this. Men in committed relationships, why do you go out with your friends to bars, single or not? Do you go out to seek attention/validation or just to have fun? Why not just get drunk at home?

    I promise you, the answer will be the same! Because many people like to have fun and go out. There's not always an malicious reason behind it. Sometimes you want to spend time with friends, just with friends and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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  5. I would honestly remind your wife that she is coming to an age where she’ll have the chance of miscarrying more often.

    Honestly it seems like you two should go to couples counseling

  6. They both sound immature. Yeah, I think after not hearing from me for an hour (after telling him i was riding with a stranger), my husband would have already booked a flight. However, I would have never gotten into a car wth a stranger. It's an odd response on both sides.

  7. I’ve had cats my whole life. A cat can live happily in a bedroom if they have separate and clean areas for food, water, litter, and sleeping, and if the owner provides lots of play/interaction/attention. The cat would have a much better life in just her bedroom than in a tiny cage at a shelter with just a couple minutes of human interaction a day! If you have a yard, the cat could even be harness trained and taken outside for walks!

  8. No you dont. This guy has no integrity. Those are just words from him. He fucked your girl MULTIPLE TIMES and didnt have the decency to tell you when you guys got back together.

  9. Being apart for holidays isn’t the same as being apart permanently.

    Now, as far as your career goes, I’d advise you pursue what’s in your best interest and what’s right for you. The harsh reality is that if you give a great opportunity up for her and don’t have one near her, you’ll almost certainly resent her for it and be miserable.

    Despite saying all that, we’re still putting the cart before the horse. You might very well find something local. It’s not an immediate concern. Also, an interview is exactly that; an interview. I certainly hope it goes well and you get an offer, but you have no idea if that’ll be the case.

    But here’s the thing. While I again would choose your life goals in your specific context, she’s told you long distance isn’t happening. That’s fair enough. It’s hot. That’s not even considering what the end game is.

    Knowing that though, you can’t really put this on her. She’s not stopping you from looking for opportunities. She’s just telling you she won’t be able to handle long distance. As such, you need to decide how important this relationship is to you. You need to get out of any sort of mindset of “we can make it work,” or “if you love me you’d give it a chance.” Its a hard no.

    So you’re choosing her or your career. That’s fine, but understand it’s your decision and your’s alone. As for what to do now, if you were 100% moving, I’d say end it now. Since you don’t know, I don’t see a reason why you’d end things given the possibility that you might not be long distance. Good luck.

  10. I don’t know what anxiously attached means? And there’s so many psychobabble stuff out there that are excuses so if you don’t wanna date him break up with him. You don’t need a reason or an excuse. Until you’re married and have made a lifelong commitment you get to make whatever choice if you want for whatever reason you want.

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