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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Hey thanks for the feedback and appreciate the advice on the OP being fake! Care to chat and tell me more and I’ll spill the tea on my calamity’s!! I’ll follow you J

  2. So do I. I'd be happy to give detailed legal advice to a client in this situation who paid my billable hours. Not for free homie.

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  4. At least he got some brains to stop what he was doing and should never have started in the first place. Being friends with you is fine but engaging in phone sex and declaring feelings for you when he's already in a real relationship is hurtful to the other woman and obviously that's cheating. You need to get over it. Put yourself in the other woman's position and you had a boyfriend that was doing something like this behind your back.

  5. I have mixed feelings about my response, but I think she may have said that. I’m sure most spouses would feel that being in that situation?

  6. Honestly, to me it sounds like she was trying to keep her options open in her early adulthood. This is something I remember hearing about quite a bit and it being sorta encouraging for people to “let go of ties” before college, etc. Basically insinuating that high school relationships are doomed and you don’t want to be tied down when more realistic options present themselves. My guess is this is either something someone encouraged her to do or something she was thinking about herself. Regardless, she can’t break up with you and still treat you like her boyfriend. It isn’t fair to you and will keep you emotionally tied up with someone who isn’t willing to commit to you. If it were me I’d explain that if she wants to be just friends we need to start acting like it. You can’t change your relationship status and expect to not change the actual relationship. There’s also always the possibility that she’s (intentionally or otherwise) keeping you on the back burner in case nothing else works out, which is also incredibly unfair to you. Either way, I wouldn’t settle for anything less than someone who treats you fairly and will give you the same level of commitment and respect that you give them.

  7. He's already 1000% a porn addict! He couldn't go for one month without it, he's doing it at work, he's doing it at home as soon as you leave the house, and he's choosing to watch porn and masturbate over having a sexual relationship with his real life gf.

    He needs therapy, and if he refuses, you need to be tough on him about it and say you will not be in a relationship with an active addict who refuses treatment. Being super nice gets you nowhere with addicts of any kind. He's had many many chances to work on this on his own, and he literally can't do it. He needs professional help. And he might need an ultimatum to push him to get that help.

    It's time you decide what you want your life to look like, and what future you want. Cos unless he gets help, this will never actually get better. He's caught up in his addiction, and the pay off is more important to him right now than going against a promise he made to you. I'm so sorry, I know you've tried to be patient and respectful.

  8. I’ll be honest, my husband didn’t officially take any paternity leave but took a week of PTO when my mom, his mom or his sister weren’t there to help me (we live in a different country so they all had to fly in). He’s not much of the child rearer type and the newborn phase wasn’t for him at all (he’s definitely more helpful now as baby is getting older) but he did his absolute best and never left me hung out to dry. I do think women are better equipped from a biological standpoint to deal with all of it and do a better job but that doesn’t give men the excuse to not try their best.

  9. You'll need to tell him pretty early on that you're just getting over a breakup. But in order to hasten your recovery so you would be healthy enough to have a new relationship (that doesn't just end up being a “rebound”) you should get some counseling to move past your assault and the basic toxicity of your past relationship. You may not feel that you're not emotionally healthy, but talking to someone who can guide you would make the process go more quickly.

  10. You can't be serious lmao. She's a 22 year old who just tripped and fell. If she was older I'd understand, but unless she was crying out in pain then checking on the several hundred dollar piece of equipment would be the majority of young men's first reaction, no matter how much in love they are. OP is being dramatic, she got a little hurt whoop-de-doo she isn't a child.

  11. So what? It's not like she has to be awake and alert at work the rest of the day. She can even take a nap if she's tired! I know people who would fall on their knees and weep with gratitude for a nap

  12. But you aren't one of them.

    Take a minute to actually think about this, do you want a wife that will yell at and slap your son if he cries? Do you want your son growing up with your parents or do you want to raise your son to be a strong and well adjusted man?

    The man your partner wants is the one who goes to work in the morning, comes home at night and goes to bed, existing only to provide for his family until one day he gets in to his car, wonders why he spent the last fifteen years feeling nothing and then kills himself.

    You are better than this, you are better than her, you deserve better, you deserve to be happy.

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