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  1. First, don’t agree to anything you don’t want. But you guys need some counseling now because somethings going on that he wants to detach from. So he may have some problems he’s not discussing or be there’s somebody else he wants to attach to. Do you need help. But never agree to anything you don’t wanna do it will not make the relationship work or last longer could ultimately destroy it.

  2. Tell your husband. Hopefully he will be understanding with the medication, etc. Not that it's an excuse but obviously you didn't do well on that medication. Hopefully the fact that you didn't physically cheat will help. You may need to help regain trust by giving him full access to your phone, socials, etc until he feels confidant that you are not communicating with anyone.

  3. I feel it's pretty inappropriate, as the guard knows we live together and should have just told the man that she lives with her bf,

    Actually, your idea is what's inappropriate. He doesn't know you or her, he doesn't know the nature of your relationship, yet you think that what he SHOULD have done is blab to a complete stranger who is creepily pursuing your girlfriend details he can only assume about her relationship status? Are you sure you're 29 and this dense?

    The professional thing to do in this situation, AND WHAT THE GUARD DID, is to not divulge ANY information about a resident OR their guests as it is not is place, and he went above and beyond by WARNING your girlfriend that a creep has their eyes on her. AND YOU WANT TO PUNISH THIS GUARD???

  4. This is what so many people on this thread are missing. I suspect they're childless people and simply don't get it. They're exactly the people who shouldn't be dating a single parent. Single parents should always place their kid/s in the number one spot and that means that if you choose to get serious with them, you are committing to having their children as a whole part of your family. If you can't give them that, that's totally fine, but you need to end the relationship and date someone who doesn't have children.

  5. It doesn't seem that this was ever likely to be a stable situation, or that a stable situation was ever promised to you. So just enjoy the good things as they happen, and try to mellow out about what might happen.

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