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Date: October 2, 2022

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  2. I literally show my boyfriends dick to all my friends. Fuck, I've shown my neighbors. Ain't a thing. I also would not care if he showed his friends or whoever pics of my body. Go ahead and show them. I like to be shown off.

  3. I didn't mention a wedding. I mentioned proposing, which are two separate things. He is not someone who openly talks about his feelings or is keen to discuss where exactly we stand. A proposal would be a sign to me that he is committed to me, while being with me “fine” for seven years and not touching any importnant/future subjects feels like him keeping his options open just in case.

  4. You can't solve a problem if he refuses to discuss it. You sound open minded enough to work this out but he needs to open up and cooperate

  5. Wow you’re a real POS. How can someone do that to a sibling, and your fiancée is just as bad. Feel rotten for your poor brother. Don’t invite him because it just looks like you’re sticking the knife further into his back.

  6. Take a day off of work without telling her to pack her things. Chances are it's not going to go well after the break up. Change the locks on your doors. If you don't have a garage, find a place where you can park it so it is secure. Who knows what she is capable of. Without telling her, get copies of the emails and texts, etc. Yes, you can send it to the guy's wife, but more importantly, as stated before – it's not something HR would like kindly upon. If she decides to be uncivil about the situation, forward those emails & texts.

  7. OP did explain that his wife let him bring the kids to meet their grandfather, the wife just said the kids wouldn't like it. Both parents agreed that the kids could meet the man over the car ride. It only became a problem when the kids had a good time. It sounds like OPs wife was hoping the kids would hate their grandfather and is now mad that they don't because she hates him.

  8. Yes you did fuck him extremely hot. You probably ruined his life.

    Time to end this relationship. You can't fix this.

    Or all you can do is suck it up. Take his anger. And apologize 100 times a day. Until he stops.

  9. How to Alienate Your Kids: 101. Banning sister will only pull son closer to her, especially if she and son get along.

  10. Ah, another one of these failed stories. Inject it right into my veins.

    1st lesson should be to not do this ever again. Second should be to take a hot look and and boyfriend that wants to fuck other people while still being your boyfriend.

    This will be tough but I'm rooting for you guys.

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