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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. You should be proud of yourself for reaching out for help and getting yourself out of that situation. I'm rooting for you and your healing process.

  2. Exact same feeling here

    Like what’s up with people on this thread? Lol

    Feels like this subreddit is just whatever opinion is popular first and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon for fear of losing internet points.

  3. Ace that interview and get that job. From what you mention in your post, for her to be able to bring that stuff up she has been thinking about it for a while and the potential job change makes a convenient scapegoat.

  4. OP there are troubling dynamics at play in your relationship. He’s not a nice guy at all.

    Go home. Give this relationship some time and space to really be able to look at it…I honestly think if you looked at it from some distance you would see that’s it’s not the greatest.

    Also anyone who even hints at isolating you from your family is always immediately suspect. Don’t play around with that. “My family is your family”—no, they’re not. You have a family. You love them and they are irreplaceable. I was very isolated from my family in a super tricky abusive marriage that lasted 15 years…my relationships with my family members were never really restored. I can’t tell you how badly I wish I could just hug my sister and feel close with her. I miss her so much. Don’t be me.

  5. Is there anything i can do to help save it or to make him in love with me and put in a lot of effort again?

  6. She differentiates a “serious” relationship from a relationship based on the marriage intention. Even though she's in a serious relationship with her bf, their intention is not yet to get married, so she considers it more casual. Although by Western definitions it's serious. This is her 4th such relationship in her life and she does not want to trade it for a 5th one with me. At this point in her life she would only trade it for a “serious” relationship, one with the intention of marriage.

  7. Caring much for him without him obviously caring much for you.

    Sorry to say that.

    Words are just words. Shallow, if one of two doesn't follow through on what has been thought.

    I have bumped my own head so often into men falling silent, that I have learned for myself to not go after them “for a talk”, if they didn't want to/ could not talk.

    So I would suggest, you consider it is over. He grew colder at home already.

    That dog story to prevent both of you going on holiday…. sounds weird to me.

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