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  1. I had a partner like this. Even this compromise was exhausting after awhile. But I'm ok just taking care of myself.

  2. Maybe he was leading a double life and had to make a decision, the love of the substances or you. He’s sharing with her because he wants the sympathy and it makes him out to be the “victim” in all this. He’s the one with the problem not you, however he may need some professional support to help beat his demons. You can offer this olive branch or hope that someone else will. I stand by my previous comments though, you are better off being out of this relationship for now.

  3. First up, nope, you dodged a bullet with the gf. Anyone who tries to take over the mom spot like that… omfg! If you had had children with her, your daughter would always come second.

    Second, talking to a picture is ok, dont let anybody tell you otherwise. No, that is not something reserved only for when visiting the grave.

    Third, do you have pictures of you gf too up as well? Because if the whole house is a shrine to your deceased wife, then yeah, I get where she is coming from. Doesnt make up for the horrible thing she said and did, but its understandable.

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  5. Very well said and I mostly agree with you. To have your kids CHOOSE to be around someone who ruined your life (at least it feels that way) is incredibly painful. Been there.

    She may not intend to punish her son, but he's hurting. I hope she can find her way and know that her worth isn't tied to what was done to her.

  6. Everyone always says “just divorce him” but you should just divorce him. Sounds like his brain is entirely mush and there's no hope.

  7. Omg I am in the exact same boat. I have an absolutely amazing significant other (like, seriously, this guy is objectively wonderful. He's as thoughtful as he is supportive, as hardworking as he is understanding, as successful as he is humble, and he's naked, too! Literally, this guy is as perfect as humans get.) Unfortunately, I am his opposite in a lot of ways, and it inevitably leaves me feeling misunderstood by him. I am painfully aware that he can't possibly innately understand my irrational, ass-backwards thought processes because, hell, I don't even understand them most of the time. I also can't help but feel frustrated and alienated by these instances of misunderstanding.

    I don't have any big revelations for you. It takes a lot of soul searching and vigilance to not let this derail your relationship. Every time I start to feel testy, I remind myself that the root of these episodes is usually a huge nothing burger that's not worth acting pissy over. I remind myself that he is doing his very best to understand and support me, and of all the things he has done for me over the years.

    Sometimes walking away when you're feeling testy (or shutting up for a while if you're in the car or something) is far better than saying something uncalled for. Make sure to discuss these tactics when you're not actively quarrelling so they are correctly identified as “diffusion techniques” instead of “punishments.”

    I hope you two can find your way.

  8. I had a 17 year relationship and never once did I do something like that. Not even close. But it was done to me and I let it happen because I lacked self respect. All I know about you is what you wrote here but do you think that's what's up with you? No self respect? Time for self reflection.

  9. If you actually want to continue this, you need to do the following moves 1. Get couples counseling. If she won’t do it, dump her. 2. She needs to re-earn trust with you. If she refuses to re-earn that trust, dump her. 3. She needs to show she honestly regrets what she did, and understand it’ll be something she should always apologize over, even 30 years from now. If she doesn’t/refuses to, dump her. 4. You need to look into her phone and accounts and see whats happened on there. If she won’t let you, or only after she deleted everything, dump her. 5. If she ever, at any point, pulls any crap like “It was six years ago, we need to move on”, or “You should get over it”, or “Stop complaining!”, or another shifting guilt/negativity to you, dump her.

    She fucked up bad and she needs to devote herself to saving this relationship. If she won’t: dump her. Just dump her.

  10. Definitely ask about her potentially being asexual.

    You need to know what her deal is. Is it something that can be changed/fixed between you? Or is it something that can't be changed, such as asexuality.

    Having that conversation will give you the information you need to decide if this relationship is salvageable. She needs to be honest with you about this. Don't put this off for any longer.

    You're already resenting her. This feeling only gets worse. Don't stay in a relationship that you're not happy in just because you've been in it for so long.

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