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  1. You cannot allow his mental health issues to create a prison for you as well as himself. File for divorce. Contact his family on his behalf and tell them that he's in need of their support because of his mental health issues.

  2. It sounds like you caught her messing around with him in the car before or after they were done

  3. I appreciate your advice but I’m really leaning towards staying with him at the moment. Before I tried to break up with him are relationship really was near perfect and (besides crying) we’re both handling this pretty calmly. In a way this has made me appreciate him all the more.

  4. I was in a 4 year relationship with someone who was best friends with their ex, and they likewise shared a dog.

    Never ever again.

    I knew 3 months in that I'd be uncomfortable but I ignored my gut and tried to be okay with it. Guess what? There were 3 of us in the relationship and it was a complete nightmare. Good on your new gf for knowing what will and will not work for her.

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