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  1. Thank you ?

    You might be right. I should ditch it. But I put my kids first above all. They are the reason I will never change my life. I think I’ve rocked the big enough. They need us. That is why I always laugh at being called selfish. Ha selfish… I’m playful not selfish. I’m kind and sacrifice so much.

    I think I’m going to work on losing the fetish. I’m not accepted. I can change.

  2. He said he had to drop off some people, not that some people had to be dropped off and he took one of them.

  3. I’ve read all of your replies on your post. Assuming this is genuine, you need to get therapy. You clearly lack self esteem, and your ideas about what love is are way off base.

  4. I recently watched a show about stalkers and this is exactly how one of them started except it ended with him attempting to kill her multiple times. (The whole “if I can’t have you no one can” type of shit) Luckily he wasn’t successful but the woman basically said she would have done things differently like sternly turning him down instead of being nice about it. She would have stopped all contact immediately and made sure to let everyone around her know the details and collect evidence to get a restraining order early on.

    I know it seems like that’s worse case scenario but no one is safe from these things happening. It’s always a possibility. It’s better to play it safe and do the most now (even if nothing occurs) rather than have something worse happen later.

    I’d say the one thing you should do is block him, cease all contact and let your friends know.

  5. Everyone is catastrophising this. And projecting their own experiences. But she was 19 and had been dating you for a matter of weeks? She made a mistake and if she has been a great partner for 6 years… Let it go. She should have left that in the past and not brought it up now.

  6. Two weeks at a time and staying with them in their home? Oh hell no. I wouldn’t like that even if I got on well with them.

    I’d tell wife you’ll join her for a few days but not 2 weeks. And that you two will get an air bnb or hotel when you visit.

    You’re not a passenger here, man. You two need some other traditions of your own and “mandatory fun” with the in-laws wouldn’t be one of them I’d choose.

  7. I don't know how a person could be this dense. Your argument is basically “an innocent person would hide it so he must be innocent” but A GUILTY PERSON WOULD ALSO HIDE IT.


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