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Date: September 18, 2022

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  1. Hell no. Your title is misleading. This ain't about him thinking you cheated, it is about him being super dangerous. “My now ex-boyfriend attacked me last night. How do I safely get out and stay safe”. Fixed it for you. He showed you who he is, please believe him. And trust your gut. This is a truly bad, you are not overreacting. Talk to your friends. And block him. Do not engage. Think about a police report. He will harm a lot of women, better start a paper trail so at least the next ones will already have a supporting story on record.

  2. But why has it to be this absolutely black and white thing? I was taking care of him before they both got violent on me on Christmas. I can't do it, for my own mental health, but I would do it for someone whom I loved. And I don't love them, because they were physicality and emotionally abusive towards me during my entire childhood.

    Now, they claim to love each other, which they also don't. Now, the part I don't get is this absolutely radical decision. If she needs help, we can hire someone to help him xd. We can search for solutions here. She wants to abandon him… Who does that to a person they have been married to for 30 years?

    I mean, it is not like I am completely emotionally detached from the situation. I feel responsible somehow to help them find a rational solution. But maybe you are right. It is there life in the end and maybe I should not get involved at all.

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