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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. Definitely a trauma response and I do this too.

    Growing up my parents would lash out at me, so I learned to asses a situation.

    If I straight up said I didn’t like thyme and would rather have sage, it would turn into a big argument.

    “Oh great! So you’re just not gonna eat now huh? I spent hours cooking this, but it isn’t good enough for you!” This being yelled at me, hands thrown in the air, very angry tone.

    So, I leaned to asked some questions and gauge their reactions to see if they would get angry at me if I were to substitute a change.

  2. Saying it doesn't count because it's her same gender is saying same sex relationships are somehow less than heterosexual ones. You are treating women like people instead of objects. Think how the woman might feel about your wife seeing her as a sex object and not a person. That isn't fair to the person she wants to have sex with. For some people the man is ok with their wife doing this but that is them not you. She always has the option to leave you and pursue a triad.

  3. Right?!?!?!??

    This person is the complete opposite of the person I want to be with but I love them so much and can’t bear to be without them!

  4. I really dont what words would be great to say but what i can say is speak honestly and from the heart but no so honest that it sounds like a personal attack

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