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Date: September 29, 2022

14 thoughts on “Jasmine Hill online webcams for YOU!

  1. Ugh. He said the L word to get sex quicker. But that's not love. He's a grade A manipulative creep. The longer you're with him the more at risk your mental health. Im so sorry. I hope you have some people you trust to be with.

  2. Why would you continue a relationship with someone who had shown you such blatant disrespect? He literally does not give a shit about your feelings.

  3. YTA. She doesn’t owe you thinness or even healthiness. You also seem to have no idea what women go through in regards to messages about thinness, dieting and just generally being aware that your entire personhood is for the consumption of others. Just stop.

  4. Don't do it idiot. That's your own fault for not telling her. Don't fuck her head up with this. You've had 6 years

  5. Reverse the situation. If your boyfriend was doing exactly what you've described having done here, with a female “friend” he'd hooked up with right before you got together, would you be ok with this?

  6. Sorry to hear that happened to you. The more I hear from survivors (hope that’s correct term) the more I despise her for doing this

  7. First thing’s first! When you take LSD it takes 20 mins to an hour to hit (depending how fresh it is) then it last for 8-12, you will not be able to go to sleep until the acid has ran it’s course.

    Being super drunk and not knowing it was you but had enough fortitude to go and get in a room and close the door.

    And he was home 15 mins later….

    Your sister is the key holder of this whole shituation

  8. Idk. I know post birth hormones get crazy. Been riding the monthly hormone dragon for decades. It's challenging af, so I can't even imagine.

    But if the FACTS of what you say are correct, then his behavior is a real problem. Not just hormonal overreacting or “hysteria.”

    Plus, often when I'm super emotional, exhausted and just spent, I get real clarity. Having zero fucks left to give does offer new perspective. Maybe your realization that he will never be the man you deserve is completely valid.

    At the very least, you should write about your thoughts and feelings right now. It will help you vent and survive, while also documenting what you're dealing with. Also, it'll allow you to look back at the full picture with greater clarity in the future, and hopefully, help you to make good choices.


  9. Hey…will you believe me if I told you that asked twice health professionals how was the process to meet an OBGYN (as a woman in her 20's) and both of them were like, uhh what for ? The other one even laughed.

    They were both women.

  10. Idk at this point I'm convinced I have no chance to get back with her especially how she worded the things she said to me through texts like “I don't want to be with you, Nor pursue a relationship with you.” which honestly just hurt me and I feel like I'll just eventually just get replaced with somebody else.

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