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  1. Tell her she cut you off multiple times too. That was her chance to be with you, she missed that. Now you don't want her, make it clear that you don't want her and also don't find her attractive anymore. She will ruin your relationship and if you find it difficult, then you probably still have feelings for her.

  2. “Getting destroyed” in the comments is not a thing, especially on a throwaway. I came here to get some perspective in a moment of frustration, which has since passed. I have also reviewed and commented where I felt Redditors tried not to jump to conclusions and provided useful advice. I’ve also tried my best to reward those individuals and those who got downvoted to hell for speaking up.

  3. I could go the route here of saying “if you want to be with him forgive him blah blah blah” . However, I am also a well documented petty bitch, so if you wanna throw around some ideas feel free to dm me.

  4. You should go to therapy about your social anxiety. Anxiety is 10000% something you can definitely overcome, it's not a mental illness that's necessarily caused by chemical imbalances. So please, you owe it to yourself to live a normal life, especially at your age. You need both occupational therapy, it's great for anxiety-ridden people.

    Don't treat the symptoms, treat the cause. I'm type 1 bipolar, was diagnosed at 10. With that said, I've had 2 decades worth of figuring it out. Anxiety comes with that territory. But I no longer allow it to control my everyday life. It's not fair to suppress your partner's lifestyle and disable her from a fulfilling life just because you hate people, which is 10000% treatable. Take accountability and control over your life. Or let your partner be with someone who can match her energy.

    And honestly, her getting you out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to overcome your disability. Ask yourself why does being around large crowds give you anxiety? Once you've figured it out, fix it. This isn't healthy.

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