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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Not answering is basically saying nah you’ll judge me when you hear it.. so he got the answer he was looking for

  2. I mean, I don't see the issue here. He simply isn't interested. The reasons are entirely irrelevant (no matter how fucking stupid they sound). Now you need to make the decision if you're okay with that or not.

  3. Op from what you have informed here it seems like both of you are working but you are doing more at home whereas he doesn’t do anything to help. My question is what does he bring to the table for you to marry him? Was he different when you were in relationship? Or has it been like this always ?

  4. Have you ever read about how to boil a frog? You have to turn the heat up gradually. Same thing with your wife. By the time things started to get bad it felt like it was normal existence. Very few people get help at the start of a decline. They usually have to get bad enough that it starts to affect things like doing their job or engaging in self destructive behavior.

  5. Have you ever read about how to boil a frog? You have to turn the heat up gradually. Same thing with your wife. By the time things started to get bad it felt like it was normal existence. Very few people get help at the start of a decline. They usually have to get bad enough that it starts to affect things like doing their job or engaging in self destructive behavior.

  6. Judging by your Reddit history, I think you’re lying in hopes that the police search your phone and that this post will validate your side of the story. Lots of comments about wanting to sexually assault and beat women. Either that or you’re trying to do some sort of social experiment seeing if people really care about male victims in order to invalidate female ones. Your story doesn’t even really make sense. Did the police not see the blood on the back of your head? Or a broken vase anywhere?

  7. It's best to abort;

    Every child deserve a parent, but not every parent deserves a child and if you already say that you will resent this innocent child than this is not the child you deserve. Don't get me wrong I understand why you would resent it, but it doesn't deserve it.

    You do what is best for you and if your husband gives you shit for that than is her really as sweet as you believe he is?

  8. If you do end up responding to her, something like below would prob work best.

    “Thank you for admitting what you did wrong. You are not forgiven but I hope you don't treat anyone else like that in future. I'm happy with my life now & don't see a place in it for you. Goodbye.”

    And then block on everything.

  9. Happy birthday! I’m sorry you’re going through this. I have no advice, I can’t stand lying and sneaking so my first thought is get divorced. I mean, how do you come back from that breach of trust? He could’ve come clean to you at any point before it got to 20k, but he chose to lie and sneak. It would make me wonder what else he hides. Idk. Good luck op.

  10. My money says it's a learned behaviour, not a genetic issue. And even if it was related to blood sugar or caffeine addiction, it is her responsibility to deal with it constructively. Because you have already tried talking with her and setting boundaries, it is time for a come to Jesus / ultimatum talk. By that, I mean you need to make it clear that she either gets therapy for her obvious anger issues, or it's divorce time, and you're going for full custody because you're not going to leave the kids to deal with her morning rages.

  11. I hope you know this is not normal and that you recognize that he’s doing to you exactly what he did to her.

  12. Some people are so weird when it comes to bodily functions. Just take a shit, if you feel compelled to shower after, that is pretty much by definition 'weird' as in, not what most do.

    I guess what you do now is say “hello bf, I shower after I poop” and go from there I guess. Idk

  13. Exactly my thoughts. Why hide it if there is nothing to hide? He also said he feels like he's not allowed to have friends because of me, which seems like I am the problem. I don't stop him from having friends, even other women, but I think it's fair to be upfront and transparent when something is suspicious to the other partner like in this situation.

  14. That's an unstable reaction. And I don't think it's about breakfast.

    I also doubt he'd be better off without you. Sounds like you have two kids with a third on the way? Between alimony and child support… ya… don't know why he would possibly make a veiled reference to divorce.

  15. Sex is an important part of a relationship. It’s why you constantly see people on here looking for advice because their sex drive doesn’t match their partner. Unfortunately, different sex expectations can make a couple incompatible. It isn’t fair on her to feel like she isn’t giving you what you want and it isn’t fair on you to not be able to be intimate with the person you love.

  16. So if a girl puts her toe in my mouth I need to run for the hills screaming assault or do I say don't do that I don't like feet and move on. She was too drunk to give consent anyway so they assaulted each other.

  17. She gave him the silent treatment because he does that to her regularly. So how does he react when he knows it was his fault in the first place and she’s trying to show him how unhealthy the silent treatment is?

    By waiting her out. He’s not going to apologise, not him! When he thinks he’s in the right, he gives her the silent treatment until she apologised. When he knows he’s in the wrong? He skulks around like a kid in trouble until, you guessed it, she comes to him to make amends.

    OP it’s not just the interrupting. Your whole communication style is childish, punitive, and focuses on maintaining your pride over sorting out your differences.

  18. You’re right I’ll reach out and see what she says this time hopefully we both take it serious if not then that’s that I guess.

  19. Firstly it needs to be addressed what values you have that are different and you're going to have to speak with her about the conflicting values.

    Second is that you are experiencing negative emotions about the past, which is unchangeable. Fomo is not a good thing to get wrapped up in. You need to ask truly why you want to have sex so much more. It can also be related to content you consume. Make sure you have a logical basis for your arguments. Really take the time and ask yourself why is it that this is what you want

    I'm unsure if you are stuck in the mindset that your current relationship is lost, and you want to move on and have sex with other people because you are experiencing fomo of others experiences. To give away power like that will cause you anguish through comparison.

    I think it would be beneficial for you to lay out your concern about kids and getting married. Make sure you have the best logic on why this is true for yourself. Presenting these facts will allow your partner to know what you want. I'm trying to cover the scenario of breaking up with someone due to only fomo. If it's about sex only, maybe there is an opportunity to see what your partners needs are sexually. It's possible that they may want more sex, there are just too many factors to consider, hence why you should ask

  20. I think we both knew that our connection was growing but we never crossed the line.

    You can console yourself with that all you like OP, but the fact that you knew that his messages were being watched, so you only texted during work hours tells me that you KNEW that, at a minimum, you were getting close to crossing a line. Personally, I think that if you were deliberately modifying your behaviour to avoid scrutiny, a line has been crossed.

    The fact that you are now feeling insecurity to the extent that you have, and that you haven't been able to shake it, tells me that you feel the same. I think that this is your guilt manifesting itself.

    You need to be honest with yourself about the origins of your relationship, and the end of your last one.

    You & your now BF engaged in an emotional affair. It may not have become physical until you were both single. But it very much sounds like the emotional connection developed & was nurtured while you were both in a relationship.

    You cheated on your ex with your BF. Your now BF cheated on his ex with you. This is why both of you are having issues. Unfortunately, this relationship didn't start out the right way, and I don't think that is something that you can fix.

    I think it is time for both of you to do some deep, deep reflection, on how your previous relationships fell apart, the role that each of you played in the end of the others relationship, about how you came together. All of it. Warts and all. Then you have those conversations with the other. It will be naked. It will hurt like hell. It may be ugly.

    At the end of it you will either come out stronger than ever. Or it will be over.

  21. What you said was very manipulative. Your first response was correct. Offer services and inform them you will call 911 if necessary. Don’t make it about you.

  22. I’ve had 2 other relationships in the past, but (100% coincidentally) they wanted to refrain from sex for religious reasons. So trust me, this is a comparatively good relationship, but I just know nothing sex wise and that’s where all these problems stem.

  23. My husband and I said to each other that we’re probably soulmates on our first date. I think it’s possible to feel that strong connection with someone from the beginning.

  24. Tell your dad

    Also, call your aunt and uncle, and tell them exactly what he did, and that if he sets one foot in your house, you're going to report it to the police. That is sexual assault.

  25. Even if she was talking shit about others it wouldn't matter, her telling him things in confidence and him going behind her back to tell these people what she's said is still a breach in trust, she should definitely seek therapy for her anxiety and such but this guys not a good fit

  26. So as for the person who you are dating. You tell them what happened.

    Don’t sugar coat it, and loose the bs ‘I didn’t feel anything’ because all that is going to do is ensure that not only does the relationship end, you are going to be called nearly all versions of a cheater that are possible.

    IF the relationship continues, then sorry but you will have to end your friendship, as you have already proven that you cannot be trusted with him.

  27. This is horrible. As a SA survivor, I wouldn't be with anybody who falsely accused someone of rape. I don't care how intertwined our life is. And honestly, I wouldn't let my kids around someone like that either. I would get the kids DNA tested. I would divorce. And if the kids are yours, I'd get full custody.

  28. Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately we did not put my name on the certificate, her idea not mine. Ive not been in a good mindset with the upcoming date of my leaving for the service. I guess you could say i’ve been so worried about being gone that i forgot that i hadn’t left yet.

  29. Who's calling you immature & selfish? Them??

    Then who gives a fuck. Tell them that. And then move on.

  30. I don't kniw what to tell. She either does a lot to win your trust again, a lot things that might be inconvenient to her. This, or she will keep doing these things. Make your choice, are you fine staying with serial liar and cheater?

  31. Not when the wedding is this close. He has a right to know and decide if he wants to continue with the wedding.

  32. Return the ring. Trust me, you don't want to have it.

    Everything else that was a gift, anything he paid for in the relationship, does NOT NEED TO BE PAID BACK.

    But if you want to be petty, you make a list of everything you paid for in the relationship, I mean everything! Even that happy meal you got for his immature ass.

    Send it to him and tell him he has to pay you back too. If you're gonna lose some money, then he can, too.

  33. Polygraphs are t actually good. And given he was black drunk and (from his comments) she doesn’t drink so she was sober…

  34. So he has feelings for you and didn’t know what to do next so the go-to was to look at he and another woman doing it during a session with you? Eww. Nope! Bye! HE stormed out? Ugh…he is NOT a good person. You should be the one to end things. I’m perplexed.

  35. I would tell him to come alone or watch it live. It is already stressful for you with the two parents attending – him bringing his girlfriend would be too much. Tell him you don’t need all that stress because you have to perform

  36. Where are you reading that she “desperately” wants a child with an ex she had a week long fling with and then stopped talking to? Because she wants to keep the child she ended up pregnant with, and has decided she doesn’t want to put herself through an abortion? Get a grip lol It makes no sense to sit here and tell somebody they need to get an abortion in this situation just because that’s what you would do.

  37. No he’s definitely allowed to watch porn ! The only issues we’ve had regarding it was that he was hiding accounts from me to view it and creating profiles for it. I don’t need to babysit what he watches but I didn’t like the way he was creating a different persona .

  38. It’s over dude. After moving in together the next logical step is either getting married or buying a house together NOT moving into separate apartments! It sounds like she wants to breakup but isn’t sure how to do it so she’s doing it slowly. It’s best for both of you to go your separate ways.

  39. The difference between the groceries and internet is significant you realize? Like $500 more of a difference???

  40. I am half English and have family in London and have been going there my whole life so plenty of ties. I would have the ability to support myself there. My desire to hear from people that have been in this particular situation is because it is an extremely common situation and hearing from people who have done it, wether successfully or not, is useful. Unlike hearing from people who have in fact no idea what they are talking about as they have never done it before. The fact that you think it would turn toxic or abusive seems like a naked projection on your relationships. But thank you for your opinion

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