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Date: October 3, 2022

7 thoughts on “Jake :p the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. You should see England when we were out. My husband was in tears lol. Emotions comes in all forms, tears, anger and so on… that's just passion. Your bro is a dxck sorry.

  2. Did we read two totally different posts or???? She said she can't “risk” seeing him again. That's placing blame and making OP feel like he's no better than a POS physical abuser. Reddit is absolutely fucking insane.

  3. I think you should really stop seeing them as friends. They've shown you how little you mean to them.

    Plz, I speak from experience. They didn't show because they didn't want to be there.

    It's a painful thought, but setting yourself up for failure by expecting them to be there for you later would be even more painful in the future.

    Plz, value yourself & move on stronger. It's time for new friends, real friends.

  4. No. They live together and she wants to be “seduced.” If I have to seduce every time we BOTH want sex then I'm going to grow weary of that relationship very fast and be living alone again – like I prefer.

  5. Remember that was a planned baby. She had red flags all over from the beginning but ignored it. Now they are dragging an innocent kids through this mess.

  6. I just want love from his parents the way my parents give him love.

    Well, you know that is an unreasonable expectation.

    He lives with his mom who is a crazy narcissistic bitch. …She likes to control me and make me feel like I can’t fulfill her sons needs.

    So why do you want her to text you?

    Look, OP, you might as well be complaining that you want your boyfriend to have brown eyes when you know his eyes are blue. His parents are not magically going to change, and really, it's completely unreasonable to continue to want or expect them to.

    The majority of people do not have relationships with their in-laws like the one your boyfriend has with your family. But of course, you are the only person who can decide what your deal breakers are. If you have decided that adoring in laws are something you cannot live without, well then you need to rip off the band aid before you waste any more of his time.

    Good luck on your snipe hunt.

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