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Date: September 30, 2022

22 thoughts on “Isabel-rodriguez live sex chats for YOU!

  1. This right here. We're only getting tiny glimpse into their life, if these are the things she feels comfortable mentioning, imagine what she might've left out.

    Seems like his entire attitude shifted once they moved in together. That's probably for a reason.

  2. but there are flags l'm seeing that I feel like may not be flags, but me being a b*tch.

    Holy crap. No OP you are not being a bitch, those are real red flags.

    Please read The Gift of Fear, its core message is to trust your instincts.

  3. Shit like this is a real thing.

    In Commie-fornia, a friend of mine stopped thieves from stealing a car part at gun point, they got scared and left with nothing. Friend calls cops and reports what happened thinking he was doing the right thing. Cops make contact with friend and he shows them video footage of what happened. Cops act like a-holes to friend stating they could lock him up for brandishing a weapon. They let my friend go but only after giving him shit for about 20 mins.

  4. I feel like a lot of people are missing that he’s intentionally not told his family about her for 4 years. And also clearly his parents are racist.

    You shouldn’t have pushed him to meet his parents, but same time you should HAVE TO push to meet his parents either. So think about how this relationship is gonna work going forward

  5. you’re not being immature, it’s your boyfriends role to talk to them about the fact that it makes you uncomfortable, if he doesn’t then he doesn’t respect you and you should move on

  6. Yikes. She literally thinks she can just snap and have these men adore her. OP is a pretty abhorrent person and these guys can tell and correctly avoid that bullet

  7. So nothing about the scenario OP's girlfriend was in seems suspicious? A heterosexual woman spending the night at a heterosexual male coworkers house, all alone, because her friend cancelled and she didn't decide to just come back home to her boyfriend? And now she wants to spend more alone time with him? If you're that convinced then there's nothing to talk about I suppose.

  8. Call the cops and block him on everything. You are not his mother. You are not responsible for taking care of him. He alone is responsible for his mental health.

  9. Men don't really “fear” long term commitment though. Young men may not want to give up things that usually come with commitment, they may not be ready for what often comes next after commitment, but they don't fear the commitment itself.

    But even then, they still introduce a gf to their friends. A man doesn't introduce a girl to his friends when he doesn't want the friends to know about the girl. There's lots of reasons why that might be the case, and I don't know which one it would be, but all those reasons involve him not taking you seriously.

  10. How would it get resolved? I already told my boyfriend that I am not spending any time with his family unless it's a social obligation. He was very upset about it but accepted it.

    His dad visited us a month ago for a few days and I just met with him for one dinner – it was awful, I was ignored 90% of the time. I felt like it was rude of me to not see him for at least one meal. But now I feel like it was too much anyway. I dont see any room for improvement.

  11. I will tell him to stop and I do a lot of cleaning and organising so I would easily find drugs and he’s very honest about his weed and what he’s done with me so I will just tell him drugs are a dealbreaker.

    I feel like this is a ragebait post, but I know there are people like this.

    You better not bring a fucking kid into this situation. You selfish piece of shit.

  12. The biggest issue at play here is what is considered cheating. Either the law would have to specify or everyone would have to get a relationship contract to specify this issue. Most people would agree marriage being that contract… Next issue would be proof of said transgression. Last would be the issue of how much time would a person deserve to lose out of their free lives to stop cheating.

    I’m not in the camp for criminalizing it. But in the past marriage contracts generally are seen as broken when infidelity occurs. Generally speaking the infidel has to pay the costs of the broken marriage license.

    That was in the past though. In the present females get a much more comfortable deal inside of marriage as the worst thing that occurs now a days is a divorce without child support if proven in court as infidelity. Along with the added benefit of the father must prove beyond a reason of a doubt that the mother committed adultery for him to get out of child support or even supplemental support payments to the wife.

  13. She's stupid. That idea of her doesnt even work since the cells die immediately when exposed to air

  14. If it bothers you, you should think more about why it bothers you.

    Do you feel it devalues your relationship with him in some way?

    Once you know why, you can then express that to him and ask him for what you need – maybe for you that boundary would be him stopping posting this stuff altogether, or maybe you just want him to do it a little less? The ball is in your court really in that regard.

    The person saying you should leave them over this – totally valid, if a little flippant. All relationships have challenges right – you should be willing to work on them before throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak.

  15. Right!!! Who treats the mother of their children like this? OP your husband is a huge AH. He says these thongs to you multiple times a month??? You're not even fat. You're like an average size. I don't even understand the comments he makes about your heart because it doesn't even make sense! He clearly isn't going to change how he treats you. I'd be cutting my losses now. No one should talk to you that way but especially not your partner. Also he works out 3+ hours a DAY? When does he spend time with your children?

  16. No I know she’s on her period because she had me grab tampons when I went to get us some Arizona iced teas after setting up the bed frame

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