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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. If he’s telling the truth then he technically did. Initiating doesn’t mean consent especially when his wife is medicated from leaving the hospital. Because she said he did another time and she was medicated then too.

  2. Anyone who doesn’t care about your (non consensual) pain during sex is someone undeserving of sex and being a partner. Just like someone who doesn’t care about your pleasure.

  3. ??? He is extremely toxic for you. He is jealous, insecure and controlling. His attitude will never stop (in case you are wondering if this is due to being long distance). He doesn't trust anybody and his control is how he compensates for his insecurity. If he feels like you aren't submitting to his control then it leads to physical abuse. It's never a good sign when someone gives a boundary of “no opposite gender friends”. I hope you can get him out of your life asap. He doesn't love you in a healthy way, is this your first love?

  4. I deeply care for her but it is really coming to that! I don't know what else to do at this point. It's been 5 years of arguing and fighting.

  5. Yeah would do this and possibly stay with a friend for a bit, then review footage to see if any weirdness has been afoot.

  6. That rule has helped me gain a broader understand of people and how they work. And myself, but that's less fun to think about.

    As for Goodkind, I thought he had some interesting ideas and explored some interesting ideas, but damn if he wasn't the master of weaving story threads that he would just… leave hanging and never return to or finish. Suppose he got the last laugh in the end.

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