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Date: October 2, 2022

11 thoughts on “Indianajonness online webcams for YOU!

  1. Here's the thing though. You have time to be on reddit, and therefore you do have time in your day to get stuff done, you're just being inefficient with you time.

    It's completely unfair on him if you can't carve out time to be a good GF to him, especially with the way he's willing to step up and help you with your responsibilities. If anything you should be acting incredibly appreciative of his efforts vs getting resentful and jealous.

  2. I just don’t feel comfortable for the possible health issues. I’m not shaming anyone for it I’m just saying that it’s my preference.

  3. Why not just post what you/your partner did?

    Why the analogies on an anonymous account on the internet?

  4. Thanks for the response, the fact that he lives multiple states away and they never see each other has me playing the situation differently than if he lived nearby. Me and her have an amazing relationship outside of this issue, so it’s not quite a dealbreaker for me at this point. But her reaction when I bring it up, has the possibility to change that too I suppose.

  5. Z is not my bf and I am not romantically interested in him in any way ? I was still romantically involved with A up until now

  6. Both are young now. Sex is important in life but sex is not life.

    I appreciate your bf because lots of persons cheating and create trust issues. He is genuinely telling his feelings and he is not wanting to cheating on you.

    Best give him space. Take time think twice both of them.

    Take good decision. High sex drive is created by hormone.

  7. This is great, my wife use to make me do this until I found a website, (roomstyler maybe?) That let's her measure and play with a 3d model of the room and furniture. Made my life much simpler on that front

  8. She sometimes goes bar hopping with just one of these guys and as always she has a habbit of getting home around 5 – 7 AM in the morning. So in this case she would spend the entire night with this guy drinking, ice skating and etc.

    These are commonly referred to as dates. In other words, she gets home from her dates with one co-worker at 5-7 in the morning.

    I can't figure out if I'm being unreasonable and/or controlling, or whether my boundary is reasonable.

    It sounds like you want a monogamous relationship, but she wants one where she can see other people. If she were honest about it, I would say that you should think about whether you want an open relationship or not and decide based on that.

    However, she isn't honest. She's trying to hide behind calling you “controlling”. There is nowhere to go here.

  9. Nothing you can do your should of thought about how your son would feel about you sleeping with his friend before you started sleeping with him.

    But you choose to think only about your self which suggests that your son was always an after thought to your wants

    The fact that your son has cut you out of his life sort of cements this for me

    As the old saying goes you made your bed now lie in it

  10. If only these men would just give us a heads up on the first or second date, it'd be a much simpler problem to avoid ?

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